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New purpose-built soil testing laboratory opens

A new state-of-the-art soil testinglaboratory was officially opened by Sir Ben Gill in late November. The newlaboratory has been purpose-built by NRM Laboratories, part of the CawoodScientific Group, the UKs largest independent one-stop shop for agriculturaland associated analytical testing services.

Based in Swaffham, Norfolk, in the UKsarable heartland, the new laboratory is the first East Anglia based facilityfully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for analysis of agricultural soils to thestandards required in both the UK and Ireland. It will be managed by AnnieSneath, section head for NRM Swaffham.

Opening the new laboratory, NRM chairman SirBen Gill said: Soil is the basic raw material of farming. Gaining anunderstanding of it is fundamental to improving crop yields and quality so thatfarmers can produce more but impact less.

 He continued: The traditional UK advisorysoil test allows informed decisions to be made on fertiliser and limerequirements and we have seen the demand for standard soil testing increaseyear on year. However, as farmers and their agronomists and advisers adopt andadapt to precision farming techniques, they are keener than ever to learn moreabout their soils, including the impact of trace elements such as boron andmanganese on major nutrient uptake as well as physical characteristics such astexture, water holding capacity and compaction.

Here in Swaffham we now have a laboratoryfocussed exclusively on soils, fully equipped to deliver comprehensivespecialist soil testing packages for customers throughout East Anglia andacross many other parts of the UK.

The investment required to establish thisnew facility and achieve full accreditation is a further example of NRMscommitment to provide a high quality testing service for farmers in the UK andIreland.

With over 40 years’ experience, NRM is oneof the UKs most innovative and experienced independent analytical businesses.The company has an extensive testing capability covering all aspects of water,soil and plant tissue, inputs and outputs associated with crop and livestockproduction. Working to internationally recognised analytical methodology andstandards NRMs team of skilled scientists offer rapid turnaround combined withhigh quality results providing the information on which to make sound farmingdecisions.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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