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World record-beating yield set with new wheat variety Reflection on Lincolnshire farm

Lincolnshire farmer Tim Lamyman has beaten theworld winter wheat yield record by harvesting a whopping 16.5t/ha from a brandnew variety in his first year growing it.

Farming at Worlaby Farms, near Louth, Mr Lamymanbeat the world record by 5% with a crop of winter feed wheat varietyReflection. Launched earlier this year, it is a variety available to growersfor planting this autumn.

Mr Lamymans 16.5t/ha Reflection yield, which wasadjusted to 15% moisture, also smashed his own previous UK record set on thefarm last year by 2t/ha, he says, with the crop also producing an impressive83kg/hl specific weight.

He puts the results down to a combination of thevarietys characteristics including its inherent yield potential, withReflection having the highest UK treated yield figure on the HGCA RecommendedList for winter wheat for 2015/16 and to the agronomy and nutritionprogrammes used.

Im over the moon, said Mr Lamyman about hisrecord-beating yield. The big thing is it is a high-yielding variety. With itsstanding power, weve been able to push it for yield. And its growth habit,combined with the nutrients, helped us to maximise ear numbers.

Agronomically, Mr Lamyman has long been a fan of apreventive approach to cereal disease control. So a fungicide programme to keepthe crop clean during the season included: Cherokee + Amistar at the early T0timing, followed by the SDHI fungicide Keystone mixed with Bravo at T1 and T2,and Amistar Opti + triazole fungicides applied to the ear at T3.

Nutritionally, Mr Lamyman says he designed a smartprogramme from the Bionature product range around the varietys strengths, andto feed its tillering ability. Using Delta K and 1-4-All three times in autumnallowed me to create more tillers per plant and a greater root structure. Thiswas followed in spring with more Delta K applications and a new product,TipTop, aimed at helping the plant at critical growth stages with any potassiumand, to a lesser extent, any phosphate shortages.  I had no qualms aboutpushing the variety and having on average 930 heads per metre squared becauseof its core strengths of fantastic standing power and short straw.

Additionally, Mr Lamyman says the early maturity ofReflection among his winter wheat varieties was another bonus. Reflection wasthe first to come to maturity. It was nice to have it in the shed before theweather broke.

Mark Bullen, campaign manager for Reflectionbreeder Syngenta, congratulated Tim Lamyman on his outstanding yieldachievement, and said it was even more impressive in the first year of growinga new variety.

We know from trials that Reflection ishigh-yielding, said Mr Bullen. However, trials dont always tell the wholestory, especially in seasons like this when harvest is so protracted. So it isreally encouraging to see this incredible yield being set on- farm.

As well as launching Reflection, Syngenta has alsolaunched a www.beatyourbestyield.comwebsite to help support farmers growing the new variety.

The site includes a section on Mr Lamymans recordattempt and, for the 2016 harvest, will follow other growers around the UK asthey too set out to beat their best yields with Reflection. There is also anopportunity for other growers to join in the challenge for themselves.


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