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Countryside Alliance questions BBC’s rural coverage

Countryside Alliance representatives met with Ofcom last Monday to deliver its complaints about the BBC not implementing the recommendations from the national broadcaster’s 2015 review of rural coverage.

The submitted evidence comes with the BBC failing to appoint a rural affairs correspondent three years after the review, which recommended the public service broadcaster do so.

The meeting was held to highlight the failings the Countryside Alliance had identified with the BBC complaints system, and to get a better understanding of Ofcom’s role as the BBC’s independent regulator.

BBC Broadcasting House
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The Countryside Alliance also offered evidence that the BBC continued to report on rural issues as conflicts between protest groups rather than delving into the underlying issues.

Countryside Alliance chief executive, Tim Bonner said: “We believe the countryside deserves a truly neutral BBC.

“Our campaigning on this issue is relentless because BBC bias on rural issues is relentless, and it is vital that we highlight every occurrence until the problem is sorted.”

He continued: “We are very grateful to Ofcom for the opportunity to discuss our concerns, and for the opportunity to contribute to this thematic review.

Hopefully, it marks the beginning of improved rural coverage at the BBC.”

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