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Non-pedigree Poll Dorset type rams, fine, bright, healthy & friendly, born April 2013, pasture reared, both twins, meaty over whole body, bursting to work, Heptavac P+, FABBL, good feet. oldmiltonfarm@gmail.com. £200 each.
County: (Beds) - Name: G Smith - Tel: 07866 738538

Quality Suffolk shearling rams, pedigree but not reg, choice of 2 proven rams, easy to handle, quiet & sensible, halter trained, wormed, fly sprayed & on Heptavac P system.
County: (Beds) - Name: J Ward - Tel: 07788 808180

Texel shearling rams, pure bred, choice of 2, regularly wormed, fly sprayed & on Heptavac P system, ready to work. halter trained. £250.
County: (Beds) - Name: J Ward - Tel: 07788808180

Performance recorded Suffolk shearling rams, over 30 to choose from, 80% are in the breed top 10% for index, MV accredited, Heptavac P plus, reared off grass, priced on their index.
County: (Bucks) - Name: J Barker - Tel: 07958 768116

Ifor Williams DP120 livestock trailer, lift off top & full sheep decking.
County: (Cambs) - Name: RGH Morton - Tel: 07718 971902

Breeding sheep, 20 mules, 15 Poll Dorset, ready to go to ram early, 8 shearling Poll Dorsets, 1 big Charollais ram, 1 shearling Poll Dorset ram, 1 Dorset X Charollais ram, born Dec 13.
County: (Cambs) - Name: T Melton - Tel: 07767 611992/01354 638205

Friz X heifers (3), ideal for bulling on or killing, look very nice, call for more info.
County: (Cambs) - Name: T Bays - Tel: 07771 517488

New Zealand Romney Gimmers & rams, a truly easy care sheep with good comformation, grading, easy lambing & no foot rot, 6kg of wool.
County: (Cambs) - Name: J Kiddy - Tel: 07860 452972

Pedigree British Blue bull, 4yrs old, very quiet, good stock getter, calves can be seen. £2,500.
County: (Ches) - Name: B Higginson - Tel: 01260 227261/07811 079159

Pedigree registered young poll Hereford bulls, including superior carcass sires, suitable for pedigree or commercial use, high health status, TB tested & ready to work, also some females, Hollowseal Herefords.
County: (Derbys) - Name: C Winfieldale - Tel: 01827 373293/07724 743611

Portequip 16', double-sided, 3t capacity, mobile calf creep feeder. £1,500.
County: (Dumfries & Galloway) - Name: N Baker - Tel: 07710 404028

Blackwater Blondes, 3 pedigree bulls, 15/16mths old, good growth & conformation, halter trained, quiet, from easy calving strains; also, pedigree heifer in calf due Sept, ideal foundation heifer, fully accredited health status, reasonably priced.
County: (Essex) - Name: IR Calderbank - Tel: 01621 742645

Charollais rams, final flock dispersal, 6 shearling rams at £200, 2 stock rams at £150, 1 Suffolk stock ram at £150. Colchester area.
County: (Essex) - Name: J Howells - Tel: 01206 242293

Thirty EB turkey/poultry drinkers, c/w overhead water supply pipe & drop pipes. £250.
County: (Essex) - Name: J Leyland - Tel: 07771 644770

Pygmy kids, we have both male & female pure small Pygmy kids from 2 weeks to 20 weeks old, some have been polled by the vet, these are very tame & have been in a petting farm for children. Open to offers.
County: (Essex) - Name: D Bunting - Tel: 01206 263088

Pure Boer goat kids, 2 sets of triplets, 4 female kids that have been polled by vet - all white/red, one wether male & one outstanding pure red male, currently 8 weeks old & will be ready at 12 weeks. Open to offers.
County: (Essex) - Name: D Bunting - Tel: 01206 263088

Dexter cow, 1998, with steer calf at foot by Red Poll bull. £300. Also, Dexter cow, 2003, with heifer calf at foot by Red Poll bull. £300. Or £500 for both cows & calves.
County: (Essex) - Name: A Parkhurst - Tel: 07749 300097

Dexter X Red Poll heifer, March 2013, ideal for freezer. £300. Out of 1998 Dexter cow also advertised.
County: (Essex) - Name: A Parkhurst - Tel: 07749 300097

Selection of Red Poll cows & heifers, run with polled Sussex bull from 9 April for 10 weeks; also, yearling pedigree Red Poll heifers, call for details.
County: (Essex) - Name: A Parkhurst - Tel: 07749 300097

North Country mules (160) & Texel X shearlings (40), ex Hawes in Sept 2013, not had lambs, Heptavac p, wormed, pour on, available Aug 8th onwards.
County: (Essex) - Name: JM Cock - Tel: 01206 729495

Charolais bulls, excellent pedigrees & temperaments, halter trained & ready to work, visitors welcome by appointment. Delivery can be arranged.
County: (Essex) - Name: J&J Rix - Tel: 07850 796057/01206 262133

North Country Nemsa mule shearlings, very well grown, big strong ewes, hepvac p, wormed, 100 available but will split.
County: (Essex) - Name: WS Cole - Tel: 01621 779484/07761 220204

Loddon cattle mangers (6) & galvanised steel barriers, 3x10' @£120 per manger/barrier & 3x7' @ £60 per manger/barrier.
County: (Essex) - Name: TL Whirledge - Tel: 01245 230631

Galvanised circular 7' diameter bale feeder for cattle. £120.
County: (Essex) - Name: TL Whirledge - Tel: 01245 230631

Pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows in calf (6), home bred from Butterstone herd, all are PD in calf to pedigree Angus bulls due to calve Autumn 2014, ages 1 at 3yrs, 3 at 4yrs, 1 at 6yrs, 1 at 9yrs, closed herd with 4yr TB testing & a High health status.
County: (Essex) - Name: R Brown - Tel: 07814 451463

Texel X Beulah maiden shearlings (250), will split. Colchester area.
County: (Essex) - Name: J Chamley - Tel: 07552 789995

Dexters, all registered, 4yr TB test area, all clear Feb 2014, Black Short 2nd calver due Nov14, £300; Red 8yr old Short due Nov14, £270; both in calf to Red bull. South Cambs.
County: (Herts) - Name: AE Neal - Tel: 01763 208763/07789 793457

Poultry nest boxes, automatic, with central collection, control box & motors.
County: (Lincs) - Name: NE Cheavins - Tel: 01636 626646/07951 525598

Choose your Texel rams or Suffolk shearlings or rams from the Middlemore Flock, the only growth recorded flock in Lincolnshire, shearlings & lambs available, we also have a few Suffolk X Texel ram lambs. Contact Carol or Fiona.
County: (Lincs) - Name: CR Grundy - Tel: 01406 330205

British Rouge MV accredited shearling rams, Scrapie genotyped & vaccinated, ready to go, farm reared pedigree flock, sensibly priced.
County: (Lincs) - Name: AJ Crust - Tel: 07879 006858

Pheasant poults, 6+ weeks old, ready August. £3.00 each.
County: (Lincs) - Name: CN Honnor - Tel: 01406 540506

Texel X Lleyn, Charollais X Lleyn, pure Lleyn shearling ewes, good quality, well grown, homebred stock on footvax & heptavac-p system, willing to split. For all enquiries & further details please call.
County: (Lincs) - Name: C Doubleday - Tel: 07961 063979

Wiltshire Horn ram, born 2010 from the Betula Flock, registered with the Wiltshire Horn Society as Betula Lysander M12597 Tw.£180 ono.
County: (Lincs) - Name: NR Scarborough - Tel: 01476 585384/07779 468855

Texel shearling rams, pedigree birth notified, excellent stock. £350 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: JB Fletcher - Tel: 07977 040358

Charollais shearling rams (10), registered, easy upgraded to pedigree, MV accredited, fit for purpose, grass reared, good length, width & solid rams, make next year's lambing easier, 12 miles south of Norwich.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: SG Simmons - Tel: 07460 446969

Breeding ewes, North Country mules, Suffolk X & Texel X, good quality, approx 100, will split.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: N Roberts - Tel: 01508 548403/07867 780050

Lambs (stores), Texel X & Suffolk X well grown, born March, approx 200 stores, will split to any quantity, wormed.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: NC Roberts - Tel: 01508 548079/07867 780050

Pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull, 5yrs old, superb easy calving, quiet, excellent fertility, still very active, selling as own progeny within herd now, sorry to see him go.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Askew - Tel: 07774 159738

Red Aberdeen bulls, young stock, 16-18 months old, good conformation, herd has Elite health status, for further information, photos or to arrange a viewing (recommended), please contact me.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Pilch - Tel: 01379 741793/07758 841008

A selection of Hereford bulls, for all uses in Norfolk, ideal bulls for supermarket beef schemes, dairy or pedigree herds, ready to work, Eves Hill is a closed herd & in year one of Biobest Hihealth Scheme, TB tested every four years.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Buxton - Tel: 07870 490159

Hereford pedigree bulls, ready to work, also in calf cows & heifers.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Fowell - Tel: 07947 126053

Aberdeen Angus bulls, pedigree registered, Banyards 5603, 16mths old, easy calving, reasonable priced.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Murton - Tel: 01379 643740/07981 237868

Galvanised feed bin, holds 5t, various water tanks & silo mesh, galvanised, ideal for dog or chicken pen.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: SE Jones - Tel: 01263 860994/07796 001370

Walk-in coldstore, 80mm x 150mm panels, 11m x 7m with 2.6x2.8m forklift access door, tidy condition, dismantled & barn stored, surplus to requirements.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RC Garner - Tel: 01328 700277/01328 700540/07767 418452

Turkey hanging system, farm made with each rack capable of hanging 500 turkeys of any weight, ideal for the smaller grower, c/w hanging bars, hooks & chains, 6 racks, 3,000 turkeys. £750+VAT each rack.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RC Garner - Tel: 01328 700277/01328 700540/07767 418452

Sheeted hurdles (4). £30 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: K Townsend - Tel: 01362 861314

Turkey poults, Norfolk Bronze & Black, ready now, 7 weeks old 1 July. £5 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: N Garrod - Tel: 07769 225677

Small selection of March born Suffolk/mule X pedigree Texel ewe lambs, make strong future breeding stock, vaccinated, crovect & wormed. All enquires welcome.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: A Hodge - Tel: 01379 608642

North Country mule shearlings, bought from CCM Skipton in September 2013, good strong sheep.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: PJ Shipp - Tel: 07788 131508

Pedigree large Black gilts, also weaners available. Contact Nick or Andrew.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: NJ Barrett - Tel: 01553 672440/07717 821891

Pedigree beef Shorthorn bulls, also selection of heifers, after the grazing season, high health status, 4yr TB. Contact Nick or Andrew.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: NJ Barrett - Tel: 01553 672440/07717 821891

Hereford bulls, we have pedigree bulls to suit dairy, commercial & pedigree buyers, 4yr TB test area, SAC herd tested, we are located on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. www.pulhamherefords.co.uk
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Vincent - Tel: 01379 676906/07771 697866

Berkshire weaners, pedigree, from excellent bloodline, show winning sow, good strong pigs, outdoor reared & used to electric fence, suitable to take on to breeding or growing on for some first class pork. Available early August.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: K Jordan - Tel: 07880 551111

Smiths sectional Needwood poultry house, 100 birds, c/w 18 roll away nest boxes, on metal skids, pressure washed, very good condition. £2,000.
County: (Northants) - Name: J Foote - Tel: 07980 305112

Charollais shearling rams (4), pure bred, grass reared, Heptivac p.
County: (Northants) - Name: T Herbert - Tel: 07792 611567

Small pygmy goats, adults & kids, also tri-colour canaries.
County: (Northants) - Name: S Bailey - Tel: 01327 261083

Pedigree Limousin bulls, 18mths to 2yrs old, members of Biobest Hi Health, BVD accredited.
County: (Notts) - Name: G Heald - Tel: 01777 703284/07939 287510

Lleyn shearling ewes (25), have lambed & reared lambs this season, MV accredited, Signet recorded, high index & fully vaccinated, good commercial sheep or foundation stock, Haverhill area, email humphreymills@talktalk.net.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

Lleyn shearling rams, high index, top 5% of breed, grass reared, registered, MV accredited & fully vaccinated, start breeding your own replacements, Haverhill area, email humphreymills@talktalk.net.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

Texel X Lleyn ewe lambs & ram lambs, MV accredited from high index parent stock, well grown & should breed this season, good strong commercial sheep. Haverhill area, email humphreymills@talktalk.net.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

High health status pedigree Simmental bulls, quiet to handle & halter trained, 18mths old, downwards signet recorded, Burghbridge herd.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: C Clarke - Tel: 07711 404371/01473 890287

Hereford X Guernsey calves, now weaned, looking for new homes, steers & heifers, all debudded.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: JA Salisbury - Tel: 07787 584386

Large 7' galvanised ring feeder, used but in good condition, barn stored. £100 ono.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: W Nankivell - Tel: 07824 313493

Suffolk shearling rams, prize winning stock, ready for work.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Hammond - Tel: 07557 374949

Pedigree Suffolk ram lambs & shearling rams, MV accredited, have been placed well at shows this year, please ring for more info. Prices from £400.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: T Stocking - Tel: 07967 107635

Ex-laying hens, 20mths old, still laying well. £1 each, ready end of August.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Rice - Tel: 01449 711294/07759 650475

Lleyn & Texel X Lleyn rams. Essex/Suffolk border.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Kemball - Tel: 01787 227203/07803 133214

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