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Maywick gas heaters 4 of model E40E1174 38000BTU, 6 of Space Ray gas heaters 19000BTU, 48 floor auto drinkers. £250 the lot.
County: (Beds) - Name: S Lowe - Tel: 07971 406400

Simmental cows in calf, herd reduction as I am retiring, all home bred. Please ring me for more information.
County: (Beds) - Name: I Clark - Tel: 07718 918400

Insulated wooden dog kennel/chicken house. £125.
County: (Beds) - Name: D Tutt - Tel: 01480 212340/07831 165546

Berkshire weaned piglets, available late May.
County: (Beds) - Name: R Goulding - Tel: 07808 962355

Hereford X bulling heifers (12), 20mths, very quiet & well grown. Photos available by email.
County: (Bucks) - Name: LB Smith - Tel: 07889 187515/01844 347564

Two Limex steers & Ch X heifer, good strong cattle.
County: (Cambs) - Name: T Bays - Tel: 07771 517488

Pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spot weaners, breeding boars & gilts, various ages & store pigs; Also Gloucestershire Old Spot X Duroc stock available now.
County: (Derbys) - Name: J Sowter - Tel: 07709 608873

Limousin & Simmental bulls, ready for work, Elite health status, fully accredited for BVD, IBR, Lepto, Johnes.
County: (E Yorks) - Name: A McInnes - Tel: 07920 485059

Limousin heifers (2), 1yr old, halter broken, well handled, sire Fenrose Emporer.
County: (Essex) - Name: C Atkin - Tel: 01277 652363

Cattle crush, ring feeder & quantity of heavy duty gates & pen sections.
County: (Essex) - Name: J Stephenson - Tel: 07968 792304

Texel X ewes with lambs at foot, twins & singles available, lambs born March/April, 35 available.
County: (Essex) - Name: A Miller - Tel: 07709 228392

Pharmweigh stainless steel livestock weighing scales, electronic weighing scales, c/w serviced weigh head, excellent condition. Guide price £1,100+VAT. Spare head available if required.
County: (Essex) - Name: R Eves - Tel: 07850 681267

Straw/hay feeder, steel frame 11'x4'x6'. £100.
County: (Essex) - Name: TL Whirledge - Tel: 01245 230631

Hatching eggs & chickens, L/F, Exchequer Leghorn, White Leghorn, Vorwerk, Copper Maran, Lakenvelder, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Blue Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Bantams, Buff Sussex & Silver Laced Wyandotte.
County: (Essex) - Name: H Prestney - Tel: 07774 486624

Pedigree Poll Hereford bulls, born 03/13 with exceptional EBV, all qualify for the Superior Carcass Subsidy, top 1% of breed, dams can be seen, sire Romany 1 Gambler call anytime to arrange viewing. See www. reydoncattle.com.
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Pedigree Poll Hereford heifers, born 03/14 with exceptional EBV, sire Reydon 1 Super Duper, Dams can be seen, call anytime to arrange viewing, older quality breeding cows also available to make way for home bred replacements. See www.reydoncattle.com
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Blackwater Blondes have 2 Blonde bulls, 16-18mths, well grown, good conformation, halter trained, very good temperament, sired by easy calving sire, we have fully accredited health status. Reasonably priced.
County: (Essex) - Name: IR Calderbank - Tel: 01621 742645

Various pig arks.
County: (Herts) - Name: P Andrews - Tel: 01438 861747/07961 392079

Highland heifers.
County: (Herts) - Name: C Osborne - Tel: 01707 642217

Three corrugated iron pig arks with vents & 1 other, old cattle crush & variety of hurdles.
County: (Herts) - Name: L Loxley - Tel: 07768 990716

Charolais X 19mth old cow, with 4 week old steer calf at foot, good strong cow who calved on her own. £900.
County: (Herts) - Name: P Rogers - Tel: 07977 728938

Lim bulls, 2yrs old, good quality, TB4, Kent.
County: (Kent) - Name: L Smith - Tel: 01580 720271/07811 068900

Calf dehorning crush. £150.
County: (Leics) - Name: CD Mount - Tel: 01162 693644/07721 379713

Ifor Williams 12' cattle trailer, one cattle divider on Land Rover wheels, cattle no longer kept. £1,250+VAT, cattle no longer kept.
County: (Lincs) - Name: CS Johnson - Tel: 07746 416301/01780 410027

Ten Charolais 14mths out at grass also 20 Continental X steers.
County: (Lincs) - Name: R Booth - Tel: 07712 042437

Fifty Friesian steers 10-12mths.
County: (Lincs) - Name: R Booth - Tel: 07712 042437

June 2012 born 100% pedigree Lincoln Red bull, grown very naturally, not been corn fed, ready to work, very good on feet & very mobile.
County: (Lincs) - Name: K Mellor - Tel: 07737 146489

Pedigree Limousin bulls, very good conformation & temperament, excellent pedigree from top A.I bulls well worth a look! Priced between £2,000 & £3,000.
County: (Lincs) - Name: R Catlin - Tel: 07725 813728

Three metal outdoor bulk feed bins, two 10t, one 8t. Offers.
County: (Lincs) - Name: A Bell - Tel: 01205 460268/07720 495007

Paraffin brooder suitable for 50 chicks, in good condition with 3 heaters & Eltax water & feed troughs. £50.
County: (Lincs) - Name: JL Kerfoot - Tel: 07985 319627

Limousin X Blue bulling heifers, various ages, very quiet & milky, good shapes, BVD vaccinated, TB4 area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: S Jaques - Tel: 01754 763319

Shetland sheep with lambs at foot. From £120. Please call for details.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Mass - Tel: 01263 768946

Delvotest SP NT MCL 212 milk antibiotic testing kit as new, only used once, c/w incubator, charger, sample pots & ampoules, plus full set of new instructions, will post. £100.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 01362 858871/07901 821025

Hand-held gas disbudding tool, c/w gas canister, allen keys & full instructions, all in its own carrying case, as new, only used twice, can post. £100.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 01362 858871/07901 821025

Fullwood 6300L bulk milk tank EODC, single phase, recent new 1ph compressor, agitator & milk manager, c/w Regent tank wash heater, vgc. £5,000+VAT.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 01362 858871/07901 821025

Fullwood VP76 with 1ph motor on base plate, also Fullwood VP76 with Brook 3ph motor on base plate, both gwo. £75 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 01362 858871/07901 821025

Guernsey cow in milk with or without Hereford X calf at foot. £650.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 01362 858871/07901 821025

Ifor Williams P7E livestock trailer, 3yrs old, in very good condition, 7' long & the top comes off.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: DG Browne - Tel: 01263 732177

Aberdeen Angus young breeding bulls, 18mths to 2yrs, ready to use, easy fleshing, good conformation, calm, good mobility, from proven easy calving females, Foxley Wood closed herd Est 2002, TB testing 4yrly, priced according to age. POA.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Cargill - Tel: 01362 688202

Ewes & lambs, approx 130 BM Lleyn & Lleyn X ewes with Charollais lambs at foot, being born from mid April, will split into smaller lots.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Britton - Tel: 07860 119157

Ewes & lambs, approx 150 Lleyn & Lleyn X ewes with Texel lambs at foot, ewes are flock ages from shearlings to FM, lambs being born from mid April, possibility to split into smaller lots.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Britton - Tel: 07860 119157

Norfolk horn ewes (7) with Charollais lambs at foot, being born from late April, ewes are mostly shearlings.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Britton - Tel: 07860 119157

Pedigree poll Hereford bulls, 24mths, ready to work & 10mth old bulls, strong, long & good depth of body, well suited for beef/dairy/pedigree herds, closed herd & fully accredited free of BVD/IBR/Lepto/Johne's TB4. www.eveshill.uk.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Buxton - Tel: 07870 490159

Cows & calves, Stabiliser X with Stabiliser calves at foot.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RA Evans - Tel: 07836 253021/01953 717258

Longhorn pedigree cows with calves.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: GR Proctor - Tel: 07531 855446

Pedigree Limousin bull, 16mths old, good looking, conformation & temperament, comes from 4yr TB testing & in herd health scheme. £1,600.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: L Enefer - Tel: 07810 004470

Pedigree Limousin bulls from SAC Health tested herd.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: GF Cole & Son Ltd - Tel: 01953 860209/07957 420433

Hereford pedigree polled bulls, strong & ready to work, 4yr TB area, accredited for IBR, BVD & Johnes level 1 with SAC health scheme.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Fowell - Tel: 07947 126053/01263 587285

Pure Red Aberdeen Angus bulls, from the Wood Cottage Herd, 18-24mths old, Elite health status, quiet temperament & easy to handle. For more information on pedigree, photographs or to arrange a viewing please call.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Pilch - Tel: 01379 741793 07758 841008

Herd of Banyards Pedigree Aberdeen Angus, comprising of 6 cows with calves at foot, 1 cow tested by vet as in calf, all with the bull, 4yr Tb testing, all with pedigree papers, genuine reason for sale.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Murton - Tel: 01379 643740/07981 237868

Hereford bulls pedigree (2), ready to go straight to work, 23/24mths with high EBVs, also 4 yearling bulls, SAC Elite Herd Health status & 4yr TB area, Norfolk/Suffolk border, see our website www.pulhamherefords.co.uk.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Vincent - Tel: 07771 697866/01379 676906

Dehorned & polled pedigree Hereford bulls, 12 to 24mths old, TB4 area & Elite accreditation for Lepto, IBR BVD & Johnes level 1 with SAC herd health scheme, East Anglia.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Vincent - Tel: 07771 697866/01379 676906

Bateman large sheep turnover crate, 1600mm long x 600mm wide x 900mm high, as new condition. £800+VAT.
County: (Rutland) - Name: N Aitken - Tel: 01780 460797/07802 662147

Pedigree Lincoln Red herd, 15 in total, includes yearlings, bulling heifers, in calf cows due this spring & 3yr old bull.
County: (Rutland) - Name: R Corby - Tel: 01780 460638

Flock of 9 ewes & 2 rams, Texel Mule X, very productive, produced 16 lambs this year, ages not known, selling to restock with pedigree show animals, nice good sheep, ideal for small farm or extend existing flock, sold together. £60 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Egan - Tel: 01502 582076

Two Texel Mule X rams, very good, productive, age not known, easy to handle, great bargain. Only £60 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Egan - Tel: 01502 582076

Irish Moiled cattle, small number of quality heifers & cows of various ages with calves at foot from the Hadingham Herd, all pedigree & registered with the Irish Moiled Cattle Society, herd is high health status, excellent conservation grazers.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: M Sprake - Tel: 01986 782416/07766 220760

Charolais cow born 08/12 & calf born 04/15. £700; bull born 06/14. £350. Also open to sensible offers.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: G Davies-Morris - Tel: 01473 311613

Hereford pedigree registered 2yr old bulls, strong & ready for work.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: Owen Smith Farming - Tel: 01394 460408/07885 594143

Laying hens, 12mths old, laying well. £2/each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Rice - Tel: 01449 711294/07759 650475

Pedigree Blonde D'Aquitaine cows (27), some with calves at foot.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: GA Meadows - Tel: 01728 660577/07951 111182

Cattle float, 32' long with drawbar. £1,200.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: GA Meadows - Tel: 01728 660577/07951 111182

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