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Kverneland Siloking mixer wagon, 12cu/m, 2011, front right discharge, excellent condition, only used for 3 seasons on small suckler herd. £13,000.
County: (Beds) - Name: D Tutt - Tel: 01480 212340/07831 165546

Selection of 10' diagonal cattle fencing, troughs & barley beef calf hoppers. £350.
County: (Beds) - Name: D Tutt - Tel: 01480 212340/07831 165546

Feed bin, 16t, outdoors, good condition. £525 ono.
County: (Bucks) - Name: M Giles-Austin - Tel: 01296 748252/07767 665136

Western Five-7 incubator, used for pheasants & partridge, now surplus to requirements, holds approx 6000 pheasant eggs, old but very reliable machine, had great results with it, has trays, inserts & hatching trays underneath. £595 ono.
County: (Bucks) - Name: R Pitcher - Tel: 07790 001073

Individual sow feeders made by Quality Equipment, galvanised, one set of 9 & one set of 18.
County: (Cambs) - Name: DJ Forth - Tel: 07749 719182

Ten Simmental in-calf heifers to a pedigree Simmental bull, scanned to calve in February, vaccinated for Lepto & BVD, 4yr TB area.
County: (Cambs) - Name: J Fletcher - Tel: 07977 040288/01354 680580

Various sheep equipment, 3 hayracks on wheels in good condition, £60 each; 6' wooden boarded lambing hurdles, in very good condition. £8 each; Harrington sheep turnover crate on wheels for towing behind quad, etc. £600.
County: (Cambs) - Name: DJ Kiddy - Tel: 07860 452972

Pedigree Hereford bull, 16mths old, sire Haven Wizard, quiet to handle, ready to work, tested free BVD, IBR, Johnes.
County: (Cambs) - Name: M Church - Tel: 07802 213366

Pedigree Hereford bull, good temperament, 6yrs old. Phone for more details.
County: (Cambs) - Name: A Johnson - Tel: 01954 230248

Hereford bull, pure bred, good stock getter, 21mths old, quiet. £1,200.
County: (Derbys) - Name: K Smith - Tel: 07940 049960

Guernsey heifers, in calf, well bred, from A2 herd, selling as overstocked. Ring for details.
County: (Derbys) - Name: K Smith - Tel: 07940 049960

Poll Hereford bulls, pedigree registered from 16mths old & one proven stock bull, Hi Health Hollowseal Herefords.
County: (Derbys) - Name: C Winfieldale - Tel: 01827 373293/07724 743611

Pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spot weaners, breeding boars & gilts, various ages & store pigs; also Gloucestershire Old Spot X Duroc stock, available now.
County: (Derbys) - Name: J Sowter - Tel: 07709 608873

Pedigree polled Hereford bulls, 3 available, one 3yr old SRI EBV +47 & +13 for milk, two 2yr olds SRI EBV +39 & +10 for milk all ready to work, dams can be seen, 4yr TB test area. Call anytime to arrange a visit. www.reydoncattle.com
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Pedigree polled Hereford cows available to make way for replacements, plus a choice of heifers, dams & calves can be seen high end EBVs & high milk scores, 4yr TB test area. Call anytime to arrange to view. www.reydoncattle.com
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Ifor Wiliams demount livestock box. £600.
County: (Essex) - Name: N Bailey - Tel: 01206 230511

Pedigree Dexter bull, quiet, excellent temperament, also in calf Dexter cow due March.
County: (Essex) - Name: JA Lloyd - Tel: 07854 046692/01708 227050

Herd reduction, pedigree Hereford poll bull, born 10/6/2011, well grown, calves & bulling heifers of his in my herd, also some Hereford cows, all are well grown & reasonbly priced, bull is too good to kill, from a 4yr TB test area.
County: (Essex) - Name: M Amos - Tel: 01268 572356

Southdown ewe lambs (10), tupped due to lamb March/April, make excellent mums, easy to handle, will split, Essex/Herts. £90 each.
County: (Essex) - Name: CE Thornton - Tel: 01371 830219

Three in-calf Lim X heifers, due mid March onwards to reg Angus bull, very friendly, outwintered, TB4 area. £1,100.
County: (Herts) - Name: A Crawley - Tel: 07974 748588

Forty bales wheat straw for cattle bedding. £10/bale.
County: (Herts) - Name: LM Beetles - Tel: 01763 289444

Parmiter Lucas.G Castor 30 straw blower & feeder, electronic in-cab hand controller, 1997, but not used for last 3 years, stored undercover, good condition. £3,450+VAT.
County: (Leics) - Name: JR Massie - Tel: 07973 482993

Eight galvanised farrowing crates, drinkers & troughs included, good condition.
County: (Lincs) - Name: A Bell - Tel: 01205 460268/07720 495007

Limousin X Blue bull, 17mths, good breeding, BVD vaccinated, TB4 area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: S Jaques - Tel: 01754 763319

Vink calving aid, with alternating tension pull, used a few times, still in vgc, surplus to requirements.
County: (Lincs) - Name: S Jaques - Tel: 01754 763319

Caistor Simmental pedigree bulls, polled & non polled by top genetic performance & progeny tested sires from UK, Denmark & Germany, selected for food efficiency, growth rate, easy fleshing, temperament & feet, 4yr TB test area, accredited by SAC.
County: (Lincs) - Name: B Lundy - Tel: 01472 851613/07974 009267

Vencomatic nest system. POA.
County: (N Yorks) - Name: M Robson - Tel: 07967 139678

Dexter bull, 17mths old, bred from pedigree sire & dam, not registered.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Hope - Tel: 07778 615828

Romney ewes (150) due to lamb April.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: C Eagle - Tel: 01603 759678

In-line metal calf pens (13), 3' wide x 5' deep, 2 front openings with buckets, good condition. £20/pen.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Cook - Tel: 01797 097938/07778 650290

Eight hanging poultry drinkers, automatic. £8 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Cook - Tel: 01797 097938/07778 650290

Pedigree Limousin bulls from SAC Health tested herd.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: GF Cole & Son - Tel: 01953 860209/07957 420433

Pedigree Simmental young bulls from Elite High Health herd, 1 bull has been used successfully with the cows & all in-calf, they are from quality young cows & age range 10mths to 23mths.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Turvey - Tel: 01692 406652/07810 633270

Three Pedigree polled Hereford bulls,18mths old & ready to work, accredited for IBR, BVD & Jones level 1 with SAC.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Fowell - Tel: 01263 587285/07947 126053

Pedigree Hereford bulls, polled & dehorned, ready to work & priced to suit all customers, dairy, commerical & pedigree breeders, we have Elite Herd Health status with SAC & all stock can be seen. www.pulhamherefords.co.uk
County: (Norfolk) - Name: P Vincent - Tel: 01379 676906/07771 697866

Ritchie fodder beet feeder bucket, single auger, with JCB Q-fit brackets, used daily. £295.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: NC Roberts - Tel: 07979 755179/01508 548079

British Friesian cow with calf at foot, quiet. £850.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: RJ Smith - Tel: 07901 821025/01362 858871

Sim X & BB X in-calf heifers (39), due March/April, 21-25mths old, BVD & Lepto vac, TB4 area.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: BM Holden - Tel: 01986 782206

Bovan Brown POL pullets, 18-23wks old, ready now, discount for quantity & delivery possible, old hens taken in part exchange. Dereham/Fakenham.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: G Middleton - Tel: 07775 617668

Pedigree Red Aberdeen Angus bulls (3), from the Wood Cottage herd, 20mths old, Elite Health status, 4yr TB testing, quiet & easy to handle. Photos sent on request.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Pilch - Tel: 01379 741793/07758 841008

Pedigree Highland cattle herd dispersal, all ages & colours; also pedigree bull, ring for details.
County: (Oxon) - Name: G Honour - Tel: 07836 557214

Square feed hopper/mini cake bin, holds about 750kg, cake bag chute at bottom. £75 ono.
County: (Shrops) - Name: SJ Edwards - Tel: 07711 848763

Pedigree polled Hereford stock bull, Romany, 5yrs old, nice quiet bull, in calf heifers & cows, TB tested.
County: (Staffs) - Name: P Title - Tel: 01260 227358/07875 63566

Simmental pedigree bulls, 1 stock bull 4yrs old and 1 @ 21mths of age, both very quiet & will lie in cubicles, stock bull for sale due to heifers retained in herd.
County: (Staffs) - Name: S Smith - Tel: 01538 300200

Herefords, pedigree registered, 2yr old bulls, strong & ready for work, friendly, well handled cattle.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: Owen Smith Farming - Tel: 01394 460408/07885 594143

Two grey faced Dartmoor ram lambs, born March 2015, used to being handled, well grown. £90 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: R Knock - Tel: 07754 585290

IAE hayrack on wheels, 8' long, in good order, 3 available. £130 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: A Youngman - Tel: 07732 042213

IAE Creep feeder on wheels, adjustable head bars on each side, good order, 2 available. £100 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: A Youngman - Tel: 07732 042213

Portable chicken hut on metal wheels, 20'x6'. £150.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: GA Meadows - Tel: 07951 848638/01728 660577

Pedigree Red Poll 2015 calves, 20 heifers/14 steers DOB from 7/2-7/5 2015, average weight 270+, just weaned.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: EM Merrett - Tel: 07881 915281

One walk-through sheep hayrack feeder. £100 ono. Can send photos email peter-knott@btconnect.com
County: (Suffolk) - Name: PG Knott - Tel: 01449 737951

Peter Allen rota feeder, holds 600kg sheep nuts, can be trailed behind quad/4x4 or mounted on pallet tines, nearly new Kohler 9.5hp engine, can use own power or hyds from forklift, high speed axle, lights, new cover, excellent condition. £4,250.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: AH Maddever - Tel: 07899 665180

POL Lohmann Brown hybrid pullets, fully vaccinated. £7.50 each. Discount for quantity.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: AJ Ling - Tel: 01473 890787

Root veg chopper, hydraulic chopper on stand, runs off tractor, will pulp anything from carrots to sugar beet, made from a Bye potato pulper. £300 ono.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: A Scrase - Tel: 01394 411862

Three gas brooders. £25 each.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: R Dekker - Tel: 07515 554301

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