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Texel shearling rams, well muscled, strong rams, wormed, sprayed & vaccinated with Heptavac P, well handled sensible rams, ready to work.
County: (Beds) - Name: J Ward - Tel: 07788 808180

Lleyn shearling rams, good quality rams, wormed, sprayed & vaccinated with Heptavac P, well handled sensible rams, ready to work.
County: (Beds) - Name: J Ward - Tel: 07788 808180

Suffolk shearling rams, wormed, sprayed & vaccinated with Heptavac P, well handled sensible rams, ready to work.
County: (Beds) - Name: J Ward - Tel: 07788 808180

Suffolk shearling rams, performance recorded with 20 in the top 10% of breed available, MV accredited, on Heptavac P & Clikked, ready to work.
County: (Bucks) - Name: J Barker - Tel: 07958 768116

Suffolk ram lambs, pedigree, MV accredited, ready to work.
County: (Bucks) - Name: T Blunt - Tel: 07748 907108

Fifty Lleyn & 20 Texel X Lleyn shearling ewes, from high index parent stock, MV accredited, fully vaccinated, good strong commercial sheep, Haverhill area. elliemills@talktalk.net.
County: (Cambs) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

Texel shearling rams, high index, up to top 1% of breed, grass reared, MV accredited & fully vaccinated, Haverhill area. ellimills@talktalk.net.
County: (Cambs) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

Lleyn shearling rams, high index, up to top 5% of breed, grass reared, MV accredited & fully vaccinated, Haverhill area. ellimills@talktalk.net.
County: (Cambs) - Name: H Mills - Tel: 07770 907099

Khaki Campbell ducks, 3 male, 1 female sitting on eggs, 1yr old. £40.
County: (Cambs) - Name: DJ Tebbit - Tel: 07702210608

Suffolk X Mules ewe lambs, born Feb/March.
County: (Cambs) - Name: P Hartley - Tel: 07752 739563

Mule shearlings (80) & 14 Suffolk X shearlings, would split, easy loading, just off A1, no Heptavac, all footvaxed, strong sheep looking for new home.
County: (Cambs) - Name: M Fray - Tel: 07768 708922

Pedigree Ryeland ewes & ewe lambs, strong, healthy stock all on Heptavac P.
County: (Cambs) - Name: A Bramley - Tel: 01638 720322

British White females for use in commercial suckler systems, females calve easily with terminal sire & are outstanding mothers, bulls will give heifers of any breed an easy first calving. www.britishwhitecattle.co.uk
County: (Cambs) - Name: S Cook - Tel: 07771 333303

Must sell half my Angus Sussex beef herd as quitting tenancy of Suffolk CC 142 acre farm they thought worth 90% more than I was paying, previously being in HLS, at least 14 young cows mostly with calves at foot, not expensive.
County: (Cambs) - Name: W Taylor - Tel: 07900 961217/01638 780701

Square galvanised cattle feed bale bin, approx 5' square, 2' high with removeable mesh floor, good condition overall. £50.
County: (Cambs) - Name: R Ames - Tel: 01487 814227

Six Soay ewes 2yrs old & two Soay rams 1yr old, will split.
County: (Cambs) - Name: R Lilley - Tel: 01954 267233

New Zealand Romney ewe lambs & gimmers, easy care sheep producing quality wool & quality lambs.
County: (Cambs) - Name: DJ Kiddy - Tel: 07860 452972

Pedigree traditional Hereford bull, 5yrs, nice & quiet, easily handled, producing good calves.
County: (Cambs) - Name: L Smith - Tel: 07799 875203

Pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spot weaners, breeding boars & gilts, various ages, store pigs, also Gloucestershire Old Spot X Duroc stock. Available now.
County: (Derbys) - Name: J Sowter - Tel: 07709 608873

Grangewood Simmental bulls, choice of 4, registered & weight recorded, well grown & handled, high health status, Johnes risk level 1, BVD and IBR accredited, excellent conformation, by easy calving sire.
County: (Derbys) - Name: A Leedham - Tel: 01283 763593/07835 254858

Hereford pedigree registered poll bulls, ready to work, also 2 in calf heifers due to calve November, High Health status Hollowseal herd.
County: (Derbys) - Name: C Winfieldale - Tel: 01827 373293/07724 743611

Various pig feeders & pig rearing equipment, large or small quantities available. Please ring for details.
County: (Essex) - Name: G & J Barron - Tel: 07976 621341

Two very attractive Dorper X shearling ewes, one ewe lamb, one pure Black-headed Dorper shearling ram.
County: (Essex) - Name: P Godfrey - Tel: 01279 850293

Pedigree poll Hereford bull, born 03/13 with exceptional EBV, qualified for the superior carcass subsidy, top 1% of breed, dam can be seen, sire Romany 1 Gambler, call anytime to arrange viewing. See for more details www. reydoncattle.com.
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Pedigree registered poll Hereford calves born 2015, all have high EBVs with high MILK scores, would make great investment for 2016/17, reared on grass, dams can be seen. Call anytime to arrange a visit. For more details see www. reydoncattle.com.
County: (Essex) - Name: L Munday - Tel: 07858 378501

Gloucester Old Spot pigs.
County: (Essex) - Name: HS Hawes & Son - Tel: 07747 697836/01371 850671

Wiltshire Horn sheep, due to children going off to uni we are downsizing our flock, we have registered & non registered sheep, rams, ewes, shearlings & lambs all available & various ages. Please contact for information & prices.
County: (Essex) - Name: K Eastcott - Tel: 07766 186325

Six Wiltshire Horn ewe lambs, born March/April 2015, registered, by Abbess Quionezhuea.
County: (Essex) - Name: AV St Joseph - Tel: 01621 868531

Blackwater Blondes have Strawberry Shorthorn X Blonde cow with exceptional Blonde X bull calf at foot, very quiet, accredited status.
County: (Essex) - Name: IR Calderbank - Tel: 01621 742645

Texel X shearlings (148), well grown, Ovivac & Click, not had lambs.
County: (Essex) - Name: R Cock - Tel: 07768 000376

Black Welsh Mountain ewe lambs & shearlings from reg flock.
County: (Herts) - Name: I Benton - Tel: 07860 281080/01438 861646

Adult male goats,17mths old, entire males, fully horned, dairy bloodlines, these magnificent goats would be suitable as studs, amenity grazing, or just to be enjoyed, all bred from our milking herd. Priced from £195 to £285.
County: (Herts) - Name: AC Bungey - Tel: 01462 433873

Strong, growth recorded rams, reared on grass, Texels, Suffolks & Suffolk X Texels. Call to view.
County: (Lincs) - Name: CR Grundy - Tel: 01406 330205

Lim X stores, 12-18mths, good store cattle, 4yr TB area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: R Whittaker - Tel: 07876 785251

Hereford X heifers, 1yr old+, 4yr TB testing area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: R Whittaker - Tel: 07876 785251

Texel shearling rams, strong & ready for work, also, Texel X Suffolk rams, get the best of both breeds in 1 sheep.
County: (Lincs) - Name: C Grundy - Tel: 01406 330205

Small herd of Pedigree Ryeland sheep.
County: (Lincs) - Name: RW Hopkinson - Tel: 07976 424263

Pig equipment, 14 adlib poly hoppers 48" long, mix of weaner grower & fattener, good cond, 50 of 36"x7.75" polyslats, two 3.75t plywood indoor bulk bins on legs, good order, infra red lights with dimmers,16 farrowing crates with creeps & boards.
County: (Lincs) - Name: A Bell - Tel: 01205 460268/07720 495007

Caistor Simmental pedigree polled 7 non polled bulls, by top genetic performance & progeny tested sires from UK, Denmark & Germany, selected for FE, growth rate, easy fleshing, feet & temperament, 4yr TB test area, accredited by SAC health scheme.
County: (Lincs) - Name: B Lundy - Tel: 01472 851613/07974 009267

British Rouge MV accredited pedigree shearling ewes & rams, vaccinated & regular worm cover, strong farm bred sheep, been breeding Rouge for over 25yrs & have strived to improve our flock, pay us a visit & make an offer, no two sheep are the same.
County: (Lincs) - Name: JC Crust - Tel: 01754 830246/07879 006858

Limousin X Blue bulling heifers, various ages, very quiet & milky, good shapes, BVD vaccinated, TB4 area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: S Jaques - Tel: 01754 763319

Lim X Blue in calf heifers, very quiet & milky, good shapes, BVD vaccinated, TB4 area.
County: (Lincs) - Name: S Jaques - Tel: 01754 763319

Pedigree poll Hereford bulls, 26mth old bull & selection of 16mth bulls sired by Fisher Harrow, fully accredited Biobest Hihealth Scheme member.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Buxton - Tel: 07870 490159

Pure Red Aberdeen Angus bull, 22mths old, from the Wood Cottage herd, Elite Health status, 4yr TB testing area, quiet & easy to handle. Pictures can be sent upon request.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: S Pilch - Tel: 01379 741793/07758 841008

Charollais shearling rams, pure bred from our own pedigree flock father of these rams is in the top 10% for the breed and has fantastic growth, fleshing and gigots, perfect for crossing on any breed of ewe & easy lambing for ewe lambs.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Britton - Tel: 07860 119157

Hereford bulls, we have pedegree bulls 12 to 20mths, 4yr TB, accredited for IBR BVD & Johnes level 1 with SAC health scheme.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Fowell - Tel: 01263 587285/07947 126053

Pedigree Hereford heifers available, yearlings & in calf SAC health scheme accredited.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: R Fowell - Tel: 01263 587285/07947 126053

British Saddleback weaners, ready now.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: T Matthews - Tel: 07557 687261

Bovan Brown POL pullets, quality healthy birds at affordable prices, discount on larger orders & delivery possible to some areas. Dereham/Fakenham.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: G Middleton - Tel: 07775 617668

Two feed barriers. £50 each; four 6'x6' polypropylene pig feeders. £25 each; 10 plastic sow feeders for individual feeders. £5 each; 5 metal round pig feeders. £5 each; 10 metal rectangular pig feeders. £5 each.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: SJ Gooderham - Tel: 01379 676880

Award-winning top quality Hereford bull, Bittern Brazen, by Solpol Ferrari & Badlingham Blossom, 18mths old, halter trained, very quiet temperament, unused, Member of SAC health plan.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: C Blaxell - Tel: 07768 171979

Pedigree Simmental quality stock, inc cows with calves at foot & in-calf again, 2 young stock bulls which are working at present, Elite High Health status & prize winning herd. Health forces reduction.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: IC Turvey - Tel: 07810 633270

Marshall 25' livestock container, c/w 2 internal dividing doors, no decks, needs new floor & some welding, too good to scrap, make me a sensible offer. Viewing welcome.
County: (Northants) - Name: D Tanner - Tel: 07885 298424

Three Hereford X HF bulling heifers, 18mths old.
County: (Notts) - Name: M Cousins - Tel: 01400 281286

Lincoln Red stores, spring born single suckled steers.
County: (Notts) - Name: J Barlow - Tel: 01427 880254

South Devon cattle, spring born, single suckled heifers & steers.
County: (Notts) - Name: J Barlow - Tel: 01427 880254

Mears 14 calf pens, hardwood. Offers.
County: (Oxon) - Name: P Bywater - Tel: 07521 669853

Pedigree Highland cattle, all ages, all colours, also pedigree Highland bull. Please ring for details.
County: (Oxon) - Name: G Honour - Tel: 07836 557214

Suffolk shearling rams, MV accredited stock, ready for work. Please phone evenings.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Hammond - Tel: 07557 374949

Wiltshire Horn, 3yr old ram, excellent conformation & temperament, has sired many twins & triplets, £150; also, well grown ram & ewe lambs, all Heptavac vaccinated & wormed. £100.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: A Rush - Tel: 01986 798336

Herefords, pedigree registered 2yr old bulls, strong & ready for work.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: Owen Smith Farming - Tel: 01394 460408/07885 594143

Plastic pig finisher hoppers (3), 3' wide. £30 each; also two at 2', one at 20" & one at 29" wide, two weaner hoppers 3' & 4'. All at £15 each+VAT.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: PE Beales - Tel: 01284 828360/07584 189359

Bulk bin, 9t. £120; 11t bulk bin. £150; 10 stockboard doors 4'x3' with hinges & catches. £5 each; wooden kennel roof covering aprox 22m x 4m, with 10 lids. Offers+VAT.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: PE Beales - Tel: 01284 828360/07584 189359

Pedigree registered Limousin bulls, around 17mths old, choice of 4, all by top AI sires, DNA tested & BVD vaccinated. Bungay.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: AJ Smith - Tel: 07880 722041

Suffolk shearling rams & ram lambs, from registered flock, MV accredited, fully vaccinated.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Wolton - Tel: 07920 772862

Pig tent complete with hurdles feeder and drinker. Re-advertised - now with correct number!
County: (Suffolk) - Name: G Baker - Tel: 07824 387712

Gloucester Old Spot weaners, birth notified & so some could be registered, boars & gilts available. Phone for more details.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: G Woolf - Tel: 07747 694466

Half & whole Gloucester Old Spot pigs ready for the freezer, local delivery available (IP8) or collection from the farm. Please phone for more information.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: G Woolf - Tel: 07747 694466

Suffolk X mule shearlings (110), very well grown, wormed, Heptavac P & Crovect sprayed.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: SS Eglington - Tel: 01379 870972/07770 567956/07703 720462

Texel X Lleyn rams & 1 pedigree Lleyn ram, all high index parentage & of various ages, on the Hepatavac-P Plus system.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: PR Kemball & Partners - Tel: 01787 227203/07803 133214

Sheep turnover handling crate, galvanised, only reason for sale as I have 2 and this one is no longer required. £300 ono.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: G Davies-Morris - Tel: 01473 311613

Registered Welsh Black Mountain sheep shearling rams & ram lambs, we also have some ewe lambs, very good quality & true to breed, all sired by Wenault Nadal.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: TL Hanmer - Tel: 07429 451954

Highland cattle, 4 cows & 2 calves, one young bull.
County: (Surrey) - Name: N South - Tel: 01483 810662/07885 672255

Two established bee hives, can deliver.
County: (Surrey) - Name: N South - Tel: 01483 810662/07885 672255

Pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls & females High Health status, excellent conformation, very quiet, delivered.
County: (Worcs) - Name: Seafield Pedigrees - Tel: 07715 764351

Pedigree Suffolk rams, shearing rams & females, high welfare, closed flock.
County: (Worcs) - Name: Seafield Pedigrees - Tel: 01527 66191/0771 5764351

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