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FarmAds - Straw & Hay
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Hay, free delivery Essex area £2.50/bale.
County: (Essex) - Name: MJ Cooper - Tel: 01277 627393/07903 500186

Clean meadow hay in 4'x4' round bales, discount for quantity. £20 each.
County: (Essex) - Name: RJ Griffin - Tel: 01279 792178/01527 792345/07980 145910

Hay, barn stored, £3/bale.
County: (Essex) - Name: E Monk - Tel: 07885 496730

Conventional hay bales (84), barn stored, previous season cut, tightly banded in packs of 21, thus minimal air entrainment. £1.95/bale.
County: (Essex) - Name: MJ Saunders - Tel: 07710 583397

Seeds hay, 50 bales, really good quality, meadow hay 220 approx, all 4' net wrapped round bales, barn stored got dry, £18 collected, easy access & load any vehicle or trailer.
County: (Leics) - Name: RW Harvey - Tel: 01509 214285

Spring barley straw, big Hesstons, stored inside, can load artic, £52/t ex farm.
County: (Leics) - Name: N Hallam - Tel: 07767 690763

Barn stored hay, 2013 crop, in conventional bales. Price subject to quantity.
County: (Lincs) - Name: MG Taylor - Tel: 01406 370425/07802 651150

Rape straw.
County: (Lincs) - Name: RW Hopkinson - Tel: 07976 424263

Good quality hay – mini Hesstons, wheat straw - conventional bales, about 300.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: A Pitcher - Tel: 07900 632163

Good quality mini Hesston bales of hay available, made with NO rain or ragwort. Please ring for details.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: H Nottage & Sons - Tel: 01508 483900

Barn stored barley & rye straw, baled dry in Welger D4000 bales 80x70, wheat straw & haylage in same size bales, local delivery possible.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: J Edwards - Tel: 01362 858007

Deutz Fahr KY250 hayturner, gwo. £400. No VAT.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Carpenter - Tel: 07759 910099/01508 550433

Barn stored hay, 2013 crop, £1.50/bale, call me to discuss.
County: (Norfolk) - Name: A English - Tel: 07850 133154

Seed hay suitable, for horses, barn stored. £3.50 per bale.
County: (Northants) - Name: DB Habgood - Tel: 01327 260620

Barley straw, excellent quality, conventional bales & 80x70 bales, barn stored, can deliver locally.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Rice - Tel: 01449 711294/07759 650475

Best feeding barley straw, 4' rounds, phone after 6.00pm. Offers.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: RD Bailey - Tel: 01449 766350

Barn stored barley & wheat straw, mini Hesston bales 80x70cm x8' long, carted if required.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: J Warne - Tel: 07986 548621

Half ton Hesston & 5' rounds of barley & wheat straw, all stored undercover, delivery available.
County: (Suffolk) - Name: IP Thurlow - Tel: 07966 372476

Straw bales approx 100 Hesston, all stored in dry, keen prices, can load.
County: (W Sussex) - Name: P Helyer - Tel: 07973 267835

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