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You can send your FarmAds using the form above. Your FarmAd will appear in the next available print edition of Farmers Guide and will also appear on this website after the magazine has been sent to readers. As a general rule, FarmAds should be submitted no less than nine days before the next database update date shown on the current FarmAds page to be included in that update. Ads submitted after the deadline shown may be reallocated to Too Late for Classification heading for the magazine at our discretion. If you wish them to appear under the correct heading in the following issue, please resubmit the ad.

This form will remember your details while you are using this page so that you can send more FarmAds by selecting a new FarmAd category and entering the FarmAd text.

For an extra £12+VAT (£14.40) each, you can add a photograph to your FarmAd. Photographs (in jpg format and no bigger than 2mb in size) can be sent to us by replying to the response email you receive after submitting the ad. Upon receipt we'll call you for your credit/debit card details to collect payment (please don't include card details in the email).

The FarmAd service is free to farmers selling or buying equipment for use on their own farm. However, where an inappropriate number of ads are received from an advertiser, some may not be included at our discretion. Duplicate ads placed under more than one heading will be deleted. Machinery traders and dealers may NOT use this form, but should contact us direct to advertise.

To assist us when sending your FarmAd:
  • Please DO NOT write your ENTIRE FarmAd in CAPITAL LETTERS. If you do they will either be rekeyed or even (depending on space) deleted and not used in either the magazine or on the website. We cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur due to a FarmAd having to be rekeyed.
  • Please DO NOT send the same FarmAd under different categories as duplicate ads may be removed.
  • Please DO NOT include your name, telephone number and county in your FarmAd text. This information is collected automatically from the Contact name, Telephone and County entries on the form.
  • Please be aware that under Defra regulations FG cannot accept adverts offering seed.
  • Please do choose the best category for your FarmAd from the drop-down list although ads under the incorrect category may be moved to a more appropriate heading (eg any WANTED ad placed under any other heading will be moved to the WANTED heading).

Thanks for your help.


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