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Annual open day promises plenty to see

With plenty of new products to display, main dealer G&J Peck Ltd is expecting a record attendance to its annual open day

With plenty of new products to display, main Case IH, New Holland and JCB dealer G&J Peck Ltd is expecting a record attendance to its annual open day in mid-February, which will take place at its Spalding depot, Lincolnshire. David Williams reports.
Stewart Barnett, Jon Wareing and Ian Loversidge are looking forward to the 2016 open day and say that the positive mood at the end of 2015 has carried forward to early 2016, generating many enquiries and resulting in orders.
Recent years have seen considerable investment by dealer G&J Peck Ltd, to expand and improve its sales and service facilities as well as to increase the area it serves. With six branches serving customers across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, and a host of carefully selected premium brands, its customers range from small family farms to large estates as well as professional contracting companies and specialist vegetable producers.
“We are celebrating 170 years of trading this year,” said managing director Ian Loversidge, “and we will be making the most of the opportunity to include existing and potential customers in our celebrations. We have quite a history of providing a professional service to agricultural users since the very start and our investment continues to make sure we maintain our reputation for outstanding service. We expanded our trading area across to mid-Norfolk during 2014, with the addition of a purpose-built depot at Dereham, and we have been delighted by the number of farmers and contractors who have come to us for their new and used machinery as well as service and parts. Demand is such that we have already had to take on extra staff since we opened the branch and, in a relatively difficult market, we have seen sales of machines far in excess of what was expected.”
Increased business has also meant investment in the company’s Ely branch, which is its headquarters. Construction of new purpose-designed and -built premises commenced in mid-January, to provide much-needed extra space for the sales and service departments. The new location, on a greenfield site, will offer excellent access for larger machinery and will future-proof the company for many years with space for further expansion. “This will be only our fourth head office in Ely since the company started in the city 170 years ago, when just one person provided his services to farmers, and we have been happy to invest heavily to make sure it provides everything we need for the future,” said Ian.
As well as its main tractor brands (listed at the top of the page), G&J Peck represents premium implement manufacturers including Amazone; Krone; AVR; Stewart Trailers; Dezeure; Rabe; Sulky; Claydon; Cousins; Knight; Quivogne; Stocks-Ag; Lynx Engineering; Gurney Reeve; Garford; ALO UK; GMR; Dowdeswell; Honda and Stihl, together with many others.
A new brand, which will be displayed at the open day for the first time is UK manufacturer Teagle. G&J Peck has supplied Teagle products previously, but only to customer order, and Ian commented that the design and build quality is exceptional and the products perform and last well, so the decision has been made to take on the company’s full range, as a stocking dealer.

Case IH
While a lot of interest will undoubtedly be focused on the new Rowtrac and Optum series tractors the Quadtrac, celebrating 20 years of production this year, will also be one of the day’s star attractions.
“We have many very loyal Quadtrac users in our trading area,” explained Peck’s AgriTrac Case IH brand manager, Wayne Cottam. “It offers exceptional performance for very demanding work environments, and its design is well-proven and reliability is superb. The FPT engine, which has been used in the tractors for the past four years, is well respected and provides excellent fuel consumption and power delivery. Operators love the ride quality and comfort in the cab. It has evolved and improved during the 20 years since it was introduced and is a benchmark for the industry. We have zero per cent finance available which is proving popular, and we look forward to the weather improving to allow us to get in the field with our own demonstration machines,” added Wayne.
The new Optum models, launched at Agritechnica, offer high horsepower and a high technical specification and are ideally suited to the needs of many of Peck’s customers. There are just two models, with 270 or 300hp but their size and unladen weight are little more than that of the popular and versatile Puma range. CVT transmission is standard and the combination of the light weight and power available makes them ideal for drilling and cultivations as well as transport tasks. “We will have our own demonstrator on display at the open day, after which it will be available for potential customers to try,” explained Wayne.
The other new addition to Case IH’s tractor range is the Magnum Rowtrac, and the dealer’s own demonstration machine will be on show, having arrived just in time for the event. The Rowtrac uses a half-track design, with rubber tracks at the rear and conventional steering wheels at the front, almost all the traction provided by the tracks.
“An issue with twin-track machines is that during headland turns ridges can be created, leaving the surface uneven to the extent that it can require leveling before the headlands are drilled. This doesn’t happen with the Rowtrac, due to its front wheel steering, but it offers all the advantages of a crawler in terms of traction available and the ability to spread its load over a large contact area. As with the new Optum, most interest has been in the most powerful version, so we have our own 380hp model available for customers to try and expect to be busy as soon as it is dry enough for spring cultivations and drilling.”

Combines from the Axial-Flow range will include a new 8240 model; with a 33ft header and which will be Pecks’ demonstration machine for the 2016 harvest. “The Axial-Flow is very popular with users due to its extremely low total life running costs,” explained Edward Roach who is responsible for the brand at Pecks. “The latest models offer significant updates to increase performance, and we are expecting a great deal of interest from new and existing customers who have heard the new models are available and are keen to find out about the latest developments.”

Products displayed at the open day from Krone will include new ActiveMow mowers and the latest Big-X 770 forage harvester. “The Big-X 770 offers very high performance and work rates, and is a great all-rounder ideal for those making grass and maize silage for feed and AD plant use,” explained Edward. “Within our trading area we have contractors and larger farms needing a machine of this size and power to match their transport and handling systems and we already have one of the new machines out working with a customer in Norfolk which is proving very successful,” he added.
Also present will be one of Krone’s high-density large square balers. The dealer sees demand for both the round and square balers in the range, the larger balers proving popular with contractors for the high density they offer which ensures efficiency of transport and handling. As well as for livestock use, the straw is in demand to fuel power stations within Pecks’ trading area and as cover for vegetable crops, especially carrots. The baler which will be displayed is a BigPack 4X4, which has been sold to a Norfolk contractor by Pecks’ AgriTrac area sales manager Baron Pollard (left), who is based at the company’s Dereham depot and is pictured with the machine.

New from Amazone at the event will be an Isobus compatible AD-P 3m power harrow drill combination and the new ZA-V disc spreader as well as a larger version of the Catros compact disc harrow. The new drill has an improved hopper design for easier filling and a highly efficient fan which operates with reduced power requirement and new RoTec pro disc coulters provide superb depth control with reduced wear.

The Amazone brand was taken on by Pecks AgriTrac in 2011 and the partnership has been a huge success, with demand for products across the range, including the high specification Pantera self-propelled sprayer of which the company has sold more than any other UK dealer. A new feature, available for the Pantera, is the AmaSelect nozzle selection system. Using a quadruple nozzle cluster, the in-cab controller can select individual nozzles for section control as well as changing between nozzles to suit flow rate and pressure, the system selecting the best nozzle size for the task to match the forward speed or application rate. This feature will undoubtedly prove popular with professional growers in the east of England and specialists will be on-hand at the open day to discuss its advantages.
Other Amazone products displayed will include the innovative Cayron plough, which proved immediately popular with Pecks’ customers after its launch two years ago.

New Holland
A wide range of products from New Holland will be shown; from Boomer compact tractors to the high horsepower T8 SmartTrax and the latest high performance CR rotary combine harvesters.
G&J Peck has represented the brand for more than 50 years and received a gold plaque to commemorate the anniversary during 2015, and has loyal users across its trading area. Diversity of farming in the region means all models are in demand, but most popular are the Basildon-manufactured T7-series tractors which have undergone considerable upgrades in recent years and boast superb specification and reliability as well as low running and ownership costs explained the dealer. “We are continuing to offer the 3-year, 3,000 hour warranty from New Holland on all tractors from the T6 series and above, and this has been welcomed by customers for the added peace of mind it provides,” explained Pecks’ New Holland sales manager and director, Stewart Barnett.
The new T8-435 SmartTrax, with up to 435hp available and a half-track wheeled and rubber track drive arrangement, was launched at Agritechnica and will be on show at the open day. With a specification similar to the Case IH Rowtrac, it is claimed to offer significant advantages over a traditional twin-track layout, with minimal soil disturbance during headland turns and improved performance characteristics when carrying out draft-work, especially when RTK guidance is in use as the conventional front wheel steering allows corrections to be made without the ‘twitching’ which can be a characteristic of twin-track machines.
“The T8 tractors have proved a real success for us, popular with larger farms and with contractors and the addition of the new SmartTrax rubber track option will open up new markets to us with those who require the performance characteristics of tracks,” explained Stewart. “With an overall width under 3m, they are extremely versatile and can be used for tasks other than cultivations including spraying, transport work or on grassland. The machine on display will be borrowed from New Holland, but we expect to be running our own demonstrator as soon as they become available.”

T7 HD tractors
Also launched at Agritechnica were New Holland’s T7 HD tractors. Designed for users requiring high horsepower in a compact frame and with a light unladen weight but capable of being ballasted for heavy draft applications, the T7 HD models are ideal for top work such as working with a power harrow drill combination or high speed stubble cultivations, but can also perform well with subsoilers and ploughs while their manoeuvrability and compact size also makes them suitable for transport work. CVT transmission is standard, as is a high PTO and hydraulic specification and the cabs are loaded with features to make them comfortable and ensure users can achieve the high performance available. “We have just received our own T7-315 HD demonstrator,” explained Stewart, “and this will be on display on the day, prior to being available for potential customers to try. We expect this to be the more popular of the two models, and our demonstration machine is highly specified as a ‘Blue Power’ edition in Maserati blue paint and looks superb. It is an impressive machine and will create considerable interest.”
As well as the new larger T7 model the latest T7-225 short wheelbase and T7-260 long wheelbase models will be on show. Both meet Tier 4 final emissions regulations and both are fresh from their launch at Agritechnica with a range of updates over previous models.

From the New Holland combine harvester range, Pecks’ own ex-demonstrator CR9.90 rotary combine which was new at the start of the 2015 harvest will be displayed as well as one of the latest CX8000-series conventional combines. Both the CR and CX ranges offer the most powerful combine harvesters available of their types, making them ideally suited to meeting the demands of professional large-scale arable farms in the dealer’s area.
Specialists will be on-hand to explain features and benefits of New Holland’s PLM range of precision farming products as well as the support available from Pecks’ own dedicated team. New features such as NextSwath have recently been introduced to increase efficiency of field tasks. NextSwath works in conjunction with an RTK signal and autosteer to calculate the most efficient turning action for each headland turn, reducing the chance of double coverage or misses, and reducing the time taken for each turn.
There will also be the latest Trimble displays on show, offering a specification from entry-level to advanced.
New Holland’s round and square baler ranges will also be represented. Contractors make up approximately 90 per cent of the demand for our high capacity large square balers,” said Stewart, “and we will have the B9090 on display which is our most popular model.
“We enjoyed a busy end to 2015 and have carried forward more orders to 2016 than during any of the previous three years. Very competitive finance schemes have been available to help farmers and contractors maintain their cashflows, but the main incentive for buyers has been the superb range of products. From the tractors to the combines it is the best we have had; the specification and reliability are superb and operators love using them.

JCB success
The 4000-series Fastracs, of which deliveries commenced late in 2015, have been a huge success for the dealer. “Whereas previously the Fastrac was seen as a transport tractor which could also do field work, the 4000-series machines are great all-rounders and perform just as well as conventional tractors for draft and top-work,” explained Pecks’ AgriTrac sales director Jon Wareing.

“Those we have supplied have replaced conventional tractors of all brands, including many used primarily for field work so we will be using the open day to promote and explain the design features which have made the new tractors so popular both on and off the road.”
An updated high capacity Loadall was launched at Agritechnica, and will be at the dealer open day. The 560-80 features a brand new transmission with six speeds and lock-up resulting in improved economy, efficiency and power over the previous versions. “The new transmission has been available on our mid-range machines, but not on larger models until now, and its introduction will be welcomed by users for its better on road performance and towing ability,” added Jon.
A new compact Loadall will also be on show. The 525-60 was previewed at Agritechnica in 2013 and is now available and creating considerable interest, its size and capabilities ideally suited to the needs of pig and poultry farms as well as nurseries. Five or six of the new model have already been supplied by the dealer and demand is expected to be high in the area.
The other new machine from JCB, which the dealer hopes to have on show, is the latest 435-S loading shovel. Launched at Agritechnica, the new loader is designed for agricultural use with performance and features to suit larger farms and contractors, particularly those handling grass and maize silage as well as sugar beet and the latest version offers upgrades over the previous model.

Stewart trailer range
A new, high performance trailer will be shown from the Stewart trailer range. The brand has been offered by the dealer for many years through all its depots; the range including standard and high-speed versions. The RoadKing is a 20t tri-axle trailer with axle steering and air suspension as well as a Hardox body for added strength but a reduction in unladen weight. Demand for air-sprung tri-axle trailers is expected to increase in line with revised legislation due later this year, which will allow train weights up to 37t on road. In stock are 15 and 18t standard trailers and these will also be on display at the event.

Reception hopper
At the event from AVR will be a reception hopper. The medium-size CSB2600 series hopper includes a mobile cleaning system and it can be tailor-designed to fit in with the produce handling system. Also on show and new to the range is an AVR telescopic elevator, suitable for all crops including grain. The AVR Puma 3 self-propelled four-row harvester was displayed for the first time last year at Lamma. AVR product specialists Tom Lootens and Kevin Butler will be on hand to explain features of its design at the open day.
The Spirit 9200 trailed two-row bunker harvester was shown last year and will be at this year’s event. Kevin explained that there is growing demand for bunker harvesters to replace direct emptying machines, but the Spirit is a high output trailed machine for those who cannot justify a self-propelled version. At last year’s open day one of the first Spirit harvesters was displayed, after which it was trialed, and later purchased, by the Dye family who farm near Spalding. Having completed their first harvest using the machine, which replaced a conventional direct emptying trailed version, they reported time savings of approximately 30 per cent, a labour reduction of approximately 20-30 per cent, as well as better cleaning in the field resulting in more efficient transport back to the yard and less cleaning for storage.

Transfer trailers
Displayed for the first time in the UK at the 2015 Pecks’ open day were Dezeure transfer trailers which complement the range of AVR products handled by the company.

Imported to the UK by G&J Peck, the trailers offer a very high specification and allow unloading into lorries using a moving floor which makes them more stable and versatile than conventional high-tip trailers.. A new option which will be on show is a crop cleaner which replaces the rear door and cleans the crop during unloading. Last year, at the trailer range’s debut at the dealer open day, three of the trailers were purchased by one farmer and contractor, who has been delighted with their performance working with maize, grain and sugar beet crops and the user reports that each has transported approximately 10,000t of produce since May last year. Using the trailers he has gained extra contract work as they have allowed him to keep the forage harvesters and trailers on the field rather than hauling long distances from the harvester by road, and his three trailers have been able to keep up with two harvesters and up to 17 articulated lorries which have been transporting maize from the field edge to the clamps. The success of the system as well as increased demand for the contractor’s services means he plans to purchase an additional two trailers for the coming season.

Semi-mounted plough
The new Rabe Kormoran PLV180 semi-mounted plough, designed to work in-furrow or on-land was launched in 2015 but is available for the 2016 season. Suitable for use with tractors up to 600hp its display at the open day will interest users of the largest Case IH and New Holland tractors. The smaller Condor plough will also be on show. New for 2016, it is rated for tractors up to 350hp and is available with 4-7f and is very versatile, capable of working both on-land and in-furrow. Also on display will be the Albatross 140 plough, designed for in-furrow working and rated up to 270hp and with up to 6f.
For those looking at the Rabe brand for other cultivation products, the Corvus PKE 3m power harrow with quick-change tines and a GZW packer as well as rear PTO will be present, as will the new Fieldbird 3m rigid compact disc cultivator which was first available in 2015. Available in working widths from 3-12m, the Fieldbird has proved immediately popular for its versatility.

Sulky agreement
G&J Peck has wasted no time in signing up to the latest trading agreement with Sulky, the brand now imported by the manufacturer’s own Sulky UK subsidiary following the cessation of the import arrangement which has been in place for many years with Reco. On display at the open day will be the new Sulky X-50 spreader with Isobus control and Econov section control, as well as a new high capacity trailed spreader, which also features Econov section control and there will also be a Xeos Pro 4m drill, mounted on a Rabe power harrow.
The dealer is hoping to have several exciting new products from Knight on display, including a de-mount sprayer designed for the JCB 4000-series Fastrac (below) and a brand new forward control self-propelled sprayer, based on a converted 4000-series Fastrac. The new machines were displayed for the first time at Lamma.

A recent brand for G&J P

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