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Updates and additions extend cultivation and sprayer ranges

At an exclusive press launch at its production facility in Germany, Amazone announced updates to its ranges of cultivation products, drills and sprayers

At an exclusive press launch at its production facility in Leipzig, Germany, Amazone announced updates to its ranges of cultivation products, drills and sprayers. The biggest news was the addition of a plough and a strip-till cultivator, providing alternative cultivation solutions under the Amazone brand name. David Williams was at the event. An elaborate press launch event by Amazone took place at its Leipzig, production plant in Germany.Cultivation products
While Amazone is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, its subsidiary; Leipzig-based BBG which was purchased by Amazone in 1998 is celebrating its 150th, its roots dating back to 1863, and the company having specialised in the industrial production of ploughs and seed drills. After being taken over by Amazone, the BBG plant continued to manufacture cultivation equipment but the range of ploughs included only conventional models and was dropped, but best-sellers produced at the plant since include names such as the Catros compact disc harrow. Beside the factory is agricultural land used for field trials and a test-track provides a tough endurance test for modern implements.All-new plough
In 2011 Amazone decided to re-introduce a plough in to its range and four experienced development engineers were taken on to work on the project. The company said its objective was to design a high quality plough using modern testing and development equipment to ensure an optimal burying effect and effective inversion and the resulting product, the Cayron 200 is protected by 19 European and world patents.Amazone’s Cayron plough means the company now offers products to suit all establishment systems.Initially there will be just one version; the Cayron 200 V with a standard beam length for 5f but extendable to 6f. It is designed for tractors up to 240hp and has 100cm body-to-body clearance and a frame height of 83cm providing  clearance for trash. Furrow width is hydraulically variable, from 30-55cm, the ‘V’ in the name signifying infinite variation. A model with stepped width adjustment will join the range later.A bolted frame construction is used and the plough bodies are attached to the 200 x 120 x 8.8mm box-section main beam via a specially formed flange said to transfer torque from the bodies to the frame. All bolt connections are placed horizontally through the beam to avoid varying degrees of torque.The turnover mechanism is designed around a 130mm diameter hollow shaft equipped with two large taper roller bearings. The bearings are well sealed against dirt ingress and can be lubricated. Hydraulic hoses are routed through the hollow shaft reducing the likelihood of damage during plough turnover. A transport lock, at the side of the headstock is easy to get to.The pivot point for the body mounting console is on the outside of the frame, and because the plough furrows do not have to close up when turning at headlands there is no wear and tear on the furrow pivots. The setting lever for the furrow width adjustment travels through the beam so additional bearings are not necessary.  A third ram is used within the linkage of the variable furrow width mechanism to adjust front furrow width, and a feature of the design is that regardless of variation of furrow width, the front furrow width remains constant.A one-piece sprung cross shaft provides an effective dampening function, and has adjustable fixing points allowing precise matching to the tractor.Attachment to the tractor linkage is through an all-new headstock, a one-piece sprung cross shaft at its base providing a damping effect and relieving stress on the linkage. At the end of the cross shaft are two fixed linkage balls for added strength. Two pivoting bearings, one on each side permit shaft movement and adjustment of the shaft height means the optimum mounting height can be achieved. Cat 3 linkage is standard.
The top link has one fixed and two slotted mounting positions available.The 13.0/55-16 combined depth control and road transport wheel is attached to the side of the beam and allows the plough to work right up to the field edge, and converting from field to road mode is very straightforward, requiring just the relocation of the locking pin.
The plough will be produced at the Leipzig factory, and it is expected that the Cayron 200 will be distributed as a pre-production series in limited numbers for 2014, with full production planned for 2015. The model shown at the event was fitted with generic shares but Amazone said it is developing its own range of shares for the new plough, some of which will be shown at the official public launch at Agritechnica.The variable-width plough has many innovative features, and boasts 19 patents.Amazone UK brand manager Simon Brown commented that the decision to re-introduce a plough to the company’s cultivation range is a result of increased demand from farmers, and will allow the company to provide a full range of tillage solutions.Cenius updated
New wider versions of the Cenius, the Cenius TX have been launched in 6 and 7m trailed formats. The Cenius is designed for medium and deep cultivations and to combine good incorporation, perfect mixing and a level finish. Four rows of new C-Mix tines with spacing of 28cm and a frame height of 80cm helps prevent blockages.The Cenius cultivator range is extended to include wider 6 and 7m variants.An optional weight transfer system can transfer up to 1,500kg on to the rear axle of the tractor when working at maximum depth.Overload protection for the C-Mix Super tines is by 600kg pressure springs, which allow the tines to clear to 30cm and if they remain obstructed then shear-bolts will break, releasing the tine a further 20cm. Shearbolt-only protection is a lower-cost option for those not requiring auto-reset.There is a choice of tines; 80 or 100mm and bolt-on wings can be added or removed to suit the depth of cultivation.The Cenius TX is flexible; and the number of tines in the ground can be halved by lifting the second and third rows out of work, if only deep loosening is needed without the mixing effect.Pictured Left: New C-Mix Super tines have 600kg spring overload protection.Front wheels on each corner are used to set operating depth and at the rear, the packer is used. Double front wheels are an option, and are said to provide more constant depth control. Packer options include wedge ring, knife ring, tandem or cage rollers but in very wet conditions the rear packer can be removed. For uniform soil conditions depth adjustment through the standard manual system is adequate but, optional hydraulic control is a benefit for those with variable soil types, allowing adjustment from the cab and synchronisation of the running gear, support wheels and rear press. This means that once set up, only a single adjustment is necessary.Another benefit of the new Cenius TX is its performance on the road. Tyres of 550/45-22.5 are standard and when combined with air braking allow a transport speed of 40kph. Slurry incorporation
A new option for the Catros disc cultivator is its availability with a liquid manure incorporation system, from Vogelsang. The specially designed SynCult adapter frame allows the use of the Catros behind a slurry tanker, the distributor head above the Catros feeding the liquid down through hoses just behind the first row of discs, providing effective mixing and incorporation.
The Catros with the pro-Pack heavy-duty bearings and slides, designed to constantly work in slurry, will continue to be sold through Amazone dealers while the Vogelsang assembly will be available along-side the distributor components from its sales partners.Cirrus drill updated
For the 2014 season the 02 series of Cirrus drills will be replaced by the 03 series. Initially the range will include the Cirrus 3003, 3503 and 4003, in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0m working widths as well as a folding 6.0m model, the 6003-2. Standard hopper capacity is 3,600 litres.New 03 series Cirrus drills have a host of improvements.Also available are the Cirrus 03-C models with a pressurised tank and single-shoot fertiliser distribution in the seed row. These have a combined seed and fertiliser capacity of 4,000 litres, the whole capacity available for seed if fertiliser is not being used.
For smaller farms, the Cirrus 3003 Compact is slightly smaller, with a 3,000 litre capacity hopper and is said to be extremely manoeuvrable with a 550mm smaller wheelbase centre distance.New tyres are fitted as standard equipment to all the new Cirrus drills. Developed especially for the purpose, the Matrix radial tyres have a diameter of 880mm, a width of 410mm and the braking performance they provide allows the drills to travel fully laden on the road at up to 40kph, where permitted.New Matrix tyres were specially developed for the drill, and provide even consolidation exactly where needed across three or four rows per tyre.The dimensions have been carefully chosen, the 410mm width covering either four rows at 12.5, or three rows at 16.6cm. The Matrix tyres have steel tread inserts to maintain their profile, and the radial design provides a large amount of defection providing even soil contact across their width. Another benefit of the radial construction is that the flexing in work provides very effective self-cleaning, even at the standard 3.5bar operating pressure.The Matrix tyres provide reconsolidation in strips, separated by narrow ridges to ensure smooth running of the new RoTeC pro disc coulters, and Amazone said the tyre design provides ideal soil structure for optimum plant growth.New RoTeC pro coulters replace previous RoTeC+, and are designed for higher working speeds with increased precision.For less sensitive operating conditions an alternative cross-ply tyre is available at reduced cost, but Amazone points out that in a dry year the targeted reconsolidation offered by the Matrix tyres provides a significant advantage.
Coulter improvements have resulted in the development of the RoTeC+ into the RoTeC pro, designed for faster drilling speeds and optimising the placement of the seed on the bottom of the furrow, a change of design to the furrow former and the guiding of the seed directly to the correct point said to provide more uniform depth control. Pictured Left: Seed pipe monitors provide an immediate warning if tubes are blocked.  Control options for the new Cirrus 03 models include the new Amatron 3 terminal with GPS-switching of the drill in 3m sections.  Alternatively the rigid Cirrus 03 models can be supplied with the lower-priced Amadrill+ terminal.An additional option is a seed pipe monitoring system, sensors in the seed pipes behind the distributor head keeping an eye on seed flow. Simon commented that this is a particular benefit for those operating at night, enabling them to monitor performance from the cab.Increased versatility
Amazone’s VarioTrail 3000 is a hopper and tool carrier with which different rear seeding units can be used allowing the same chassis to drill a range of seeds from cereals to precision drilled crops such as rape, maize, sunflowers or sorghum.The VarioTrail 3000 allows the same drill chassis to be used for conventional, precision and strip-till establishment systems.Rear seeder units include the EDX-VT6000-c precision air seeder and the Citan-VT6000 seed drill. Hopper capacity is 3,000 litres, and when being used with the EDX precision drill, the main hopper is used for fertiliser, and when operated with the Citan, then the capacity is used for seed. Six metre operating widths for the rear attachments is standard.Hitching is via a modified 3-point linkage which allows 90 degree folding of the tool at the rear, for ease of transport. Quick couplings make swapping seeder units straightforward.A new attachment displayed for the first time with the VarioTrail was the StripTill XTill-VT mounted cultivator. Working with Vogelsang, which has already successfully established its XTill strip-till cultivator in the market, primarily for slurry and digestate incorporation, Amazone is developing the unit for the incorporation of mineral fertilisers, and sees its largest potential markets as middle and eastern Europe where little liquid manure is used.Amazone has been working with Vogelsang which has an established and successful strip-till cultivator, the XTill already in production. Whereas Vogelsang’s main application is for slurry incorporation, Amazone is focusing on mineral fertiliser application to the tilled area and is offering the cultivator for use with the VarioTrail. “The VarioTrail gives us a cost-effective multi-purpose drill with more use permutations. Using the conventional drill for cereals and the precision drill for OSR and maize for AD plant use at 0.5m row spacing it will just require a change of metering barrel for the different seed sizes.  It is extremely versatile and we believe it will prove very popular with professional farmers and contractors,” said Simon.Sprayers
The Pantera self-propelled sprayer is updated, and becomes the Pantera 4502, with immediate effect. Upgrades over the previous model include a larger tank; 4,500 litres nominal volume now compared with 4,000 litres previously, a new engine with more power, a faster road travel speed and improved plumbing which all combine to provide increased output.The Pantera 4502 offers higher capacity, more power and extra user-friendly features to increase productivity.Since the model’s launch in 2011, 15 Panteras have been sold in the UK to date. For 2014 the sprayer will be powered by a Deutz 6-cylinder engine developing 218hp, and conforming to Tier 3B emissions requirements. The new engine provides more than 10 per cent more power than the previous unit, which Amazone says will be a benefit for those operating in difficult conditions and on sloping terrain. An engine management system is said to ensure low fuel consumption even at the 50kph maximum road speed. New large disc brakes provide efficient stopping power.
Tyre size is increased to a maximum 1.95m diameter and 710mm width. More ground clearance is standard, now 1.2m on 520/85R42 and lower total weight allows them to be operated at reduced pressure.A further option for 2014 is a height adjustment system providing up to 1.70m clearance at a track width of 2.25, or 2.40m (depending on tyres). The Amazone system allows the sprayer to be operated at narrower track widths, down to 1.80m at lower height positions, a benefit for operations in smaller fields. Track width adjustment from 2.4-3.0m will be a further option, useful for use in controlled-traffic farm systems or for operating in potato crops without tramlines.Pictured Left: Amazone UK marketing manager Simon Brown is pictured explaining the benefits of the Pantera 4502’s Comfort Pack 2 automatic sprayer management system.Increasing productivity and improving ease of use the Comfort Pack 2 tank control system provides full electronic operation of all main functions. It uses a separate dedicated water pump to fill the fresh water tank, ensuring clean water is available, and a secondary display screen near the induction bowl allows the operator to easily set up and monitor the filling process from the ground. With three hydraulic-driven pumps, one to fill the fresh water tank, and two which can work together or separately to provide a combination of actions; filling, agitating or spraying, most users are expected to opt for the 6,000 upgrade, according to Simon Brown.Improved air filtration to Category 4 standards is available as an option, providing a cleaner working environment for the operator.Trailed sprayer upgradedThe UX 11200 trailed sprayer was first shown in the UK at Lamma 2013, and is now available with a traction compensator which uses the hydro-pneumatic axle suspension to temporarily increase the drawbar load from 3-4t with a filled machine, by releasing the suspension pressure on the front set of tyres. When the sprayer is part-filled the support load is increased by up to 30 per cent. The UX11200 has new features for 2014 including a weight transfer system to increase traction.Intelligent, hydraulic pump drive means the pump delivers only as much flow as is needed, saving fuel and wear and tear on the pump. When travelling on the road, the pump speed is reduced to just 400rpm as it is needed only for agitation. When filling by suction hose the pump automatically delivers full flow. Other hydraulic-driven components; such as the boom fold mechanism and the DoubleTrail steering system also work with a load sensing hydraulic system to save fuel, but require an Isobus terminal to automatically regulate the pump speed through the tractor oil supply.
A further new option for the UX 11200 is a High-Flow pump system, providing particularly high application rates of up to 2,000 litres/ha while travelling at normal forward speeds.LED boom illumination option
LED boom lighting was introduced by Amazone for its Pantera and UX sprayers in 2012, and so far two sets have been supplied to users in the UK. The LED beam makes it easy for operators to monitor individual fan nozzle patterns at night, spotting blockages or other faults. Now the company has made LED lighting available as an option on all its sprayers.

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