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Bargam mounted 18m sprayer, 1200L, airbag suspension, clean water tank, triplet nozzles, Bravo 180 rate control, 2007, always inside, genuine & straight, in very good condition. £4,250 ono.

County: (Bucks) - Name: R Kingham - Tel: 07778 763833

Berthoud 16m mounted sprayer, 1000L, 1995, hydraulic fold, 50cm nozzle spacing, induction hopper, hand wash, electric controls. £1,200+VAT.

County: (Cambs) - Name: N Lindsey - Tel: 07885 205680

Hardi 800L 12m mounted sprayer, 4 diaphragm pump, make good front tank. £150.

County: (Cambs) - Name: J Graves - Tel: 07802 927549

Househam self propelled sprayer, 1998, 2000L, LH4000 rate govenor, 5670hrs, 2 sets of wheels, 12.4x28 & 600/50x22.5, gc.

County: (Cambs) - Name: DA Harrison - Tel: 01945 450291/07771 514747

Airtec front sprayer, tank 800L, fits on 3 point linkage, hydraulic pump drive.

County: (Cambs) - Name: R Rayner - Tel: 07808 066655

Knight mounted sprayer, 24m, 1996, old but sound.

County: (Cambs) - Name: R Morton - Tel: 07718 971902

Alanco Sprayranger LH Agro, 4000 rate controller, 18/20m booms, 2000L tank, set of flotation & narrow wheels, lightweight sprayer in working order. suitable for attaching a fertiliser spreader. £3,700.

County: (Cambs) - Name: J Waters - Tel: 07971 750632

Knight 20m mounted sprayer, hydraulic folding, induction hopper, can rinser, tank wash etc, vgc. £2,250 ono.

County: (Essex) - Name: J Leyland - Tel: 07771 644770

Logic weed wiper triple gang, 3 weed wipers all in good working condition, two of the wipers 1yr old & the other one is 3yr old, 1 tank with fully operational pump 1yr old, use as one at a time or all 3.

County: (Hereford) - Name: RJ Watkins - Tel: 07507 482930

Chafer 24m MkIII, 2000L, hyd pump.

County: (Herts) - Name: P Andrews - Tel: 01438 861747/07961 392079

Chafer Guardian 4000L tank, 24m, 5yrs old, with TeeJet 844E auto shut-off.

County: (Herts) - Name: Major Barclay Farms - Tel: 07786 673396

Bateman Hi-Lo 1996 model, 12–24m booms 2000L + 200L fresh water tank, rowcrop & flotation wheels, good condition, full year's MOT. £12,000+VAT.

County: (Lincs) - Name: CJ Jackson - Tel: 07824 531569

Knight 20/24m trailed sprayer on link arms, very simple machine. Reduced to £2,400.

County: (Lincs) - Name: A Goodacre - Tel: 07901 917707/01476 860228

Sands 1993 self propelled sprayer, 12/18/24m, 2000L tank, clean water tank, 4wd, 4ws, twin lines, blob markers, 2 sets of wheels, rowcrops & flotations, ready for work, very well maintained.

County: (Norfolk) - Name: M Robertson - Tel: 07879 656006

Bateman fertiliser demount kit for self propelled sprayer, gc. £1,000.

County: (S Yorks) - Name: CM Addy - Tel: 07749 497182

LGP 12m sprayer based on Eastern European Multicar, brakes need attention but runs well, 800L Team sprayer, fresh water tank & induction hopper, high clearance kit & two spare vehicles for parts, Vicon fert spreader skid unit also available.

County: (Suffolk) - Name: B Slater - Tel: 07766 176227


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