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Approved used scheme for used Claas tractors


Claas has launched a new used approval scheme designed to provide buyers of used machines with peace of mind and the confidence that they are investing in a tractor that has been fully checked and prepared to a common high standard which is approved by Claas.   The scheme has been started for tractors, and it is envisaged that other machines may enter the scheme in the future.


Recent years have seen the value for used tractors increase considerably on the back of currency exchange rates, inflation and more advanced technology. However, unlike most other vehicle markets, for the farmer looking to invest in a used tractor there is currently no clear benchmark as to the quality level of the tractors being offered, explains Claas.


Most franchised used car dealers offer used vehicles that are prepared to a set manufacturers standard. However, in agriculture this is rarely the case with tractors, despite the likely value being significantly higher. Also, the cost implications of a tractor not being up to standard could potentially be very expensive in terms of lost productivity and repairs.


With the introduction of the new Claas Approved Used and Field Ready scheme, the buyer can have confidence that the tractor has been fully checked to a high set standard. Only tractors that pass the stringent approval procedure will be offered for sale under the approved used scheme, and to back this up they will be covered by a 300 hour/ three month warranty and a zero per cent subsidised finance scheme through Claas Finance.


The new scheme is available on all Claas tractors from the Axos through to the top-of-the-range Xerion, and only machines up to five years or 5,000 hours old can be covered.


The stringent approval process that dealers have to meet has been set by the manufacturers technical service department. To become Claas Approved and Field Ready, each tractor has to undergo a 1,000 hour service including a 45 point check, and an additional 15 point special Claas appraisal. This covers specific checks and tests of the engine, driveline and hydraulic systems, including a dynometer test, plus a full test and update of all the electronic management systems fitted to the tractor. Finally the tractor is fully valeted, the paintwork checked and touched up where necessary, plus any worn seat or cab components replaced. Having completed all the assessment work, the dealer then has to send all the completed data to Claas UK for final approval.


Tractors that meet all the assessment criteria will be offered for sale with the back-up of the three month, 300 hour drivetrain warranty and full service report. They will also be available with a subsidised finance scheme from Claas Finance and fixed price service for the next two scheduled services.


Claas believes that with the introduction of its new scheme, this will set a new benchmark for used tractors and help instil confidence that buying a used Claas tractor is a sound investment, with many of the benefits that would normally only be expected with a new tractor, allied to the low cost of ownership associated with buying a used product.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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