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John Deere wins gold and silver awards at Sima 2013


 John Deere’s multi-fuel tractor will run on mineral or bio-based fuel, and has won a gold award at Sima

  Following a gold medal won by the 900 Series round baler at the 2011 Sima show, John Deere has been awarded gold and silver for two of the companys latest innovations. Both will be on display on the John Deere stand at the show which starts in Paris on February 24th.


A gold medal has been awarded to the John Deere multi-fuel tractor. This research machine features an engine that can be operated with different types of mineral or bio-based fuel, either individually or as blends, in a single tank.


Input sensors measure various properties of the fuel or blend in the fuel tank. Subsequently, the tractors electronic control unit optimises the engine settings to comply with Stage IIIB/Interim Tier 4 emissions standards. Finally, a model-based software programme analyses signals from the emission output sensors to check the specified engine setting parameters.


This single tank solution can be used with any pure or blended fuel, including plant-derived biofuels produced on-farm. However, if such a design was to be marketed in Europe, the relevant legislators would have to adapt the certification methods used for internal combustion engines in agriculture, which are currently based on diesel fuel only.


A silver medal has also been awarded to John Deere for its Remote Display Access. Due to be available from late 2013, this telematics solution allows remote access to the on-board GreenStar 2630 display unit.


The company explains that this means the operator working on a tractor, combine harvester, self-propelled sprayer or forage harvester can receive immediate, real-time assistance from his fleet or farm manager, or from the dealer for example, to get support for machine and implement set-up (including Isobus), optimisation and troubleshooting. With this innovative technology, potential machine downtime or insufficient use of the equipment in the field can be significantly reduced, it claims.


When required, the operator calls the relevant expert for assistance on a mobile phone. From anywhere in the world, that person can then log on via a dedicated website and view the machines on-board display screen on their own computer, tablet or smart phone. This application is a new addition to John Deeres FarmSight initiative, which includes a range of machine and logistics optimisation and agricultural decision support features.


Both these new award-winning technologies have been developed by John Deeres European Technology Innovation Centre in Germany, in close collaboration with the companys various research and development departments and external research partners.



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