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Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) competition

The Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) aims to foster and energise a new culture of yield enhancement and innovation in the arable industry.  It is an industry initiative supported by corporate sponsorship and managed by ADAS, but is open to all organisations, agronomists and farmers through subscription or entry into the yield competition.


The YEN yield competition is open to all and challenges farmers to target yields relative to the yield potential of their land. The current UK record for a wheat yield is 14.3 t/ha set on a farm in Lincolnshire in 2011, but biophysical potentials of UK arable fields can be close to 20t/ha.


The competition is open to everyone and will be a way of understanding yield on your own farm, but also pitting your agronomy skills and innovative ideas against others. The key aim is to get closest to the yield potential of your chosen site, but could you also break the UK record yield?


It is open to any cereal crop wheat, barley, oats, triticale grown anywhere in the British Isles, or indeed further afield.  There will be separate competitions for trial plots and field crops total harvested plot area must be at least 50 m2, and field areas must be at least 8 hectares. 


How you manage the crop is up to you so think differently, break the established rules, use new techniques, novel inputs, free the crop from constraints.


Each entrant will receive:

         On entry an estimate of yield potential, based on soil and average climate data

         After harvest an estimate of actual yield potential based on actual weather for the season (this will be used to calculate yield gaps)

         Validation of the harvested yield

         Invitation to annual results and analysis conference.


Each entrant will be expected to:

         Record a minimum level of data for input into a secure YEN database e.g. field location, soil information, dates of sowing and key growth stages, and any irrigation.  Records of seed, fertiliser and chemical inputs will also be of interest, but are not essential if you prefer to keep them secret! 

         Abide by the competition rules (available shortly)

         Provide a grab sample for crop analysis (protocol available shortly)


The ultimate aim will be to break the UK record yield of 14.3 t/ha, however where site potential is more limited the objective will be to minimise the gap between yield and the biophysical potential.


You can enter the competition through one of the supporting organisations or through ADAS. Competition entry costs are 250 +VAT per site entered. Entries from groups or organisations are welcome. Multiple entries may receive a discount.


Registration will be via the YEN website which will be available in mid March, however you can pre-register now, or make any general enquiries, by emailing [email protected].

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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