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Be aware of risk to peas from pea bruchid

A specially commissioned factsheet looking at the management and control options for the pest pea bruchid (Bruchus pisorum), which causes damage to vining peas in Europe is now available from the Horticultural Development Company (HDC).

The HDC factsheet, written by Becky Ward of the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO), includes a detailed guide to identification, including damage symptoms, and sources of infestation the main risk being imported infested seed.

Not yet a pest in the UK, pea bruchid is becoming increasingly widespread in Europe.  PGROs Becky Ward said, Although we know that its not a pest in the UK at this time, there is a risk that it could be seen in the UK if average temperature continues to gradually increase.

Also known as pea weevil, it is thought that the pea bruchid could survive well in Britain. The HDC factsheet explores the likelihood of it becoming established and the potentially serious impact this could have. Initial research shows that heavy infestations could lead to 10% yield losses before harvest and further damage during harvest because infested peas are more likely to shatter.

HDCs Rosie Atwood said, It is essential that imported seed is free of pea bruchid if we are to prevent it becoming a significant pest in the UK. This factsheet is part of HDCs activity to support growers through practical advice to keep them informed and aware.

Stephen Francis of Fen Peas, said, “I welcome and encourage the work being carried out on pea bruchid. It is vital that research such as this is maintained in the UK, if crops such as vining peas are to remain sustainable.”

Factsheet 01/12 reviews the management and control options, based on practices where B. pisorum is already a problem and advises on how to prevent the import of infested seed and how growers overseas monitor their crops.

The field veg factsheet 01/12 Pea bruchid an assessment of risk to UK pea production, is available to download directly from or to order a hard copy call 02476 478661 – they are free to HDC levy payers and non-payers can also download factsheets on a pay per access basis.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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