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New large square balers from John Deere



Following a strategic cooperation agreement with the Kuhn Group, announced in May 2011, John Deere has been selling limited quantities of its high capacity 1400 Series large square balers in the UK and Ireland, which are now available for the 2013 season.


There are three basic models in the range, the 1433, 1424 and 1434, respectively producing bales 80×90, 120×70 and 120×90. Bale length ranges from 60cm up to 300cm, and can be controlled electrically from the tractor cab as an option.


ISOBUS is standard on 1400 Series balers, to allow the operator to adjust and control various settings from the tractor cab, including bale density and pre-cutter knife selection. The tractors existing ISOBUS monitor can be used if available, including John Deeres GreenStar 2 1800 or GreenStar 3 2630 touchscreen displays. Tractor power requirement is from 115hp.


The balers feature a heavy duty, high capacity rotor with direct crop intake from the pick-up for increased performance in all crops and conditions, says the company.


Depending on the model, 1400 Series balers are available with either 2.1 or 2.3m RotoFlow or pre-cutter pick-ups with pivoting wheels.


Pre-cutter models have 10 knives with individual spring protection on the 1433C, or 23 hydraulically protected knives on the 1424C and 1434C, giving a minimum cut length of 70 or 45mm respectively. The balers also feature a single tie knotting system, and hold 24 rolls of twine.


The pre-compression chamber and packer design, with a high capacity plunger working at 46 strokes/min, allows the baler to adapt to changing windrow conditions and produce a consistently hard, dense and well-shaped bale, explains John Deere, which adds that this helps to improve bale handling, stacking and ease of transportation, and results in a more attractive bale to feed or sell.


The balers also feature cam clutch protection of the drivetrain components for extra reliability, a rear roller chute with last bale ejection, and steered tandem axles with high flotation tyres as standard. Single axles are optionally available on the 1433 RotoFlow and 1433C precutter models, fitted with larger profile tyres.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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