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New Roto cut option for Claas Quadrant baler


Following the launch of the Quadrant 3300 Roto feed (RF) big square baler in 2011, Claas has further expanded and completed the range with the addition of a new Quadrant 3300 Roto cut (RC) version.


This means six Quadrant 3300 variants are now available, producing a bale measuring 120cm x 90cm; Quadrant 3300 RF and RC with single axle
Quadrant 3300 RF and RC with tandem axle
Quadrant 3300 RF and RC with steered tandem axle


The Claas big square baler product range now includes a total of six models (3400, 3300, 3200, 2200, 2100, 1150) with five bale sizes from 80 x 50 cm to 120 x 100 cm and three different feed and cutting systems;Roto feed (RF), Roto cut (RC) and Fine cut (FC).


The manufacturer claims to now offer the widest range of bale dimensions and cutter systems on the market. The most popular is the 120 x 70 cm bale, produced by the Quadrant 3200, which also has some new features.


New, higher-performance pick-up

Both the Quadrant 3200 and the Quadrant 3300 are now fitted with new wider, 2.35 m pick-ups with a Power feeding system (PFS) auger and a double roller crop press.


The PFS auger has generously-dimensioned flights and conveys the crop deep into the rotor, explains Claas. The crop flow is therefore homogenised and accelerated, which in turn increases the throughput. In combination with the bouble Roller Crop Press, this guarantees a clean crop feed even with very wide swaths and at high speeds, it adds.


The clean feed, even under difficult harvest conditions, is guaranteed by the proven Jaguar pick-up cam track and cam rollers that are now integrated in both balers. The torques of the pick-up cam-type cut-out clutch and the rotor coupling have been raised by 20% and, together with the optimised speed of the PFS and the rotor, ensure increased throughput even under difficult harvest conditions, says the company.


Both machines also incorporate a new spiral rotor with 52 dual tines, which transports the crop more efficiently and quickly to the pre-chamber. The active feed by the rotor has meant that it has also been possible to raise the crop intake on the rotor side of the pick-up, it explains.


New pivoting cutting unit with drawer

An essential new feature on both the Quadrant 3200 RC / FC and the 3300 RC is the drawer that can be extended on both sides, offering convenient access to the blades for maintenance and blade changes. The blades are arranged in four groups, each of which can be selected easily with a lever and hydraulically pivoted out. The flexibility provided by the blade groups (RC 25-13-12-6-0 and FC 51-26-13-12-0) enables the balers to be used universally, with high capacity for short straw.


Both Quadrant balers also feature the hydraulically-lowered drop-floor in the cutting chamber, which is lowered automatically if the unit is overloaded. This enables the driver to remove any possible blockages at the baler intake simply by reducing the PTO speed from the driver’s seat, and continue baling without interruption or problems. 
Unique pre-chamber

For 2013, the Quadrant 3300 now also shares the unique pre-chamber originally introduced on the Quadrant 3200. This is key to the balers high performance and increased bale density.


The pre-chamber helps increase bale density by holding the material and pre-compressing it ahead of the main chamber. The operator has the option of three settings, all selected using the Communicator II control. For heavy or large swaths, there is the option for the packer tines to move the material straight into the main chamber without holding it. In lighter crops, using the other two settings, once the material has entered the pre-chamber, the operator can delay the time that it is held and packed in the pre-chamber prior to entering the main chamber.


Increased cleaning performance and new operating terminal

In both the 2200 and 3200 machines there is a new turbine fan, borrowed from the Lexion, which provides 150% more air volume to keep the knotters clean at all times. This is especially important for reliable use, particularly when baling short straw.


The Quadrant 3300, 3200 and 2100 are fully controlled from the cab using the new Isobus compatible Communicator II. This features a colour display and keyboard that makes it easy to alter settings and enter information, even in the dark.


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