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Updated combines to be displayed at Cereals 2013


A redesigned cab, together with new unloading technology that incorporates a folding auger and an industry-exclusive pivoting spout option to improve trailer filling accuracy feature on new Case IH Axial-Flow combines being shown at Cereals 2013, says the company.


The Case IH Axial Flow range currently includes six models, the 5130, 6130 and 7130 from 299 415hp, together with the 7230, 8230 and 9230 from 449 571hp.  The new features which make these high-output machines even more productive, claims the manufacturer, have been developed with input from farmers and contractors.


The new, redesigned cabin which is now standard on all new Axial-Flow models sets the industry standard in convenience, comfort and ergonomics, providing the operator with an office in the field, states Chris Armitage, Case IH harvesting sales manager for the UK and ROI. These new models also incorporate an upgraded Can-bus electric system which has enabled us to offer an increased range of functions, such as new unloading and residue-management technology, which reduce the operators work load and increase productivity.


In designing the latest models Case IH has updated its cab, and now there are two options, the Comfort version or an advanced Luxury cab with an even higher specification and range of new features.


New multi-function Lever

The slim multi-function lever has been redesigned to allow fingertip control of all key functions. Theres also an upgraded right-hand console with simple ergonomic controls and a slide-rail that allows adjustment of the AFS display, plus a cup-holder and office items. Multiple convenient storage locations have been added featuring brushed-chrome styling in the luxury cab. Operators can stay tuned in and connected via an iPad or iPod, while the co-drivers seat opens to reveal a convenient, portable electric refrigerator that keeps food and drinks cool. Leg and foot room are greater thanks to increased seat travel, and a red leather luxury seat option provides greater comfort.


Full steering comfort

The steering wheel is infinitely-adjustable, tilting and telescoping to suit the operator, while the narrower steering column provides improved visibility over the header. Footrests are fitted to enhance operator comfort on long harvest days.



New seating

The operators seat has been lowered by 4cm and has 7cm more seat travel to provide further cab comfort. Air-ride suspension is standard on all 30 Series combines, while a semi-active air suspension seat, targeted particularly at tracked combine buyers, is optional. This uses a sensor and controller mounted inside the seat suspension, with an adjustable shock absorber to provide the level of damping required by the terrain, giving improved ride quality.


We understand the long hours that operators spend in their combines, says Chris Armitage. Our goal was to offer every convenience of an efficient, comfortable working office and make it available on every Axial-Flow model. By introducing more powerful, more intuitive and more efficient combines, Case IH is helping farmers to be ready for whatever harvest may bring, now and in the seasons to come.


All models use the state-of-the-art AFS Pro 700 display for yield monitoring and machine/guidance control. The AFS Pro 700 is compatible with all Case IH equipment and can be transferred easily to a tractor cab.


Unloading made simpler

To make on-the-go unloading more comfortable and safer with wider headers, Case IH has added two auger options. An 8.8m or 10.4m high-capacity, folding auger is now available to enable easy unloading from the widest headers, as well as simple transport and storage. The 8.8m auger is for all combines with headers up to 12m, or up to 15.25m with the 10.4m unloading auger.


The new industry-exclusive pivoting spout option is available for all high capacity unloading auger lengths. It allows the operator to accurately adjust the grain stream in or out simply by using the shift + unloader swing button on the multi-function lever. This allows the operator to position the unloading spout precisely where needed instead of repositioning the entire tractor-grain trailer combination relative to the combine. This reduces the risk of spilling grain or the tractor/trailer coming into contact with the header and means that when laying straw swaths for baling the tractor need not run on the rows.


The electrically-controlled auger spout allows the grain stream to be moved by approximately 60cm to 90cm while also providing a spill-proof grain-saver feature. When the unloading auger is disengaged, the spout automatically and quickly pivots upwards to prevent grain from dribbling out. It also allows grain to be directed straight downwards to reduce wind-blow when working in light-seeded crops.


Powered grain tank covers reduce downtime when preparing for transport or harvest.


New deluxe chopper

Case IH deluxe chopper packages have been upgraded to include in-cab adjustment of the chopper counter knife bank. Knife position is adjustable in steps of 0% / 25% / 50% / 75% and 100% insertion, via a dedicated switch on the console. Theres also an in-cab-adjustable rear rotor discharge door. In addition to the chopper speed shift lever, it is now possible to switch the combine from chop to swath in under a minute. No covers need to be opened which means that the operator does not need to work in dust and stays clean, explains the company..


If the emergency stop button on top of the multi-function lever is pressed, the counter knife bank will fully retract, providing an additional measure to protect the chopper and counter knife against foreign objects.


New chaff spreader

A deluxe chaff spreader option, which includes in-cab adjustment of the spread distance and distribution, is also available. Three dedicated buttons on the right-hand console control these functions.


Efficient Power operation

From the feeding system to the patented Case IH Small Tube rotor with its concentric rotor cage design, Axial-Flow combines continue to create smooth crop flow, improving throughput and putting more high-quality grain in the tank.


As part of the Case IH Efficient Power family, Case IH Axial-Flow 30 Series models feature added power to deal with tough conditions, by way of fuel-efficient Case IH FPT Tier 4 SCR engines. Across the Case IH line-up, the same proven power plants deliver an average 10% efficiency advantage over comparable Tier 3 models, claims Case IH.


Case IH has been continuously improving the Axial-Flow Small Tube rotor, always setting the trend as a leader in harvesting, states Chris Armitage. The simple and reliable Axial-Flow design, with fewer moving parts, enables producers to stay in the field over a wider range of crop conditions, helping to protect both yields and crop quality.


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