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Keeping the tracks turning

 To complement its range of premium quality Camoplast agricultural rubber track and wheel products, Eurotrack now offers heavy-duty ‘midrollers’ to fit Challenger MT700/800 series, Case IH STX Quadtrac and John Deere T & RT series tractors.


Manufactured by Superior Tire & Rubber Corporaion in the USA, these new polyurethane midrollers have been developed for significant improvements in wheel durability, longer overall life expectancy and lower overall running costs, says Eurotrack.


In the majority of cases, de-bonding of midroller rubber is nearly always the reason for replacing midrollers and without doubt these items are one of the most frequently changed parts of any rubber tracked tractor undercarriage. Superiors Xtreme Wheels polyurethane combines advanced bonding and compound chemistry technology to exceed OEM wheel work-life, explains the business.

Later generation tracked tractors operate at increased travel speeds and while this is a key requirement of any largescale farmer or contractor, this unfortunately can be detrimental to the service life of undercarriage wheel and track life. Fitment of superior ‘midrollers’ allows a safe operating temperature throughout, with no increases in heat associated with road use or prolonged useage in harsh conditions. The result of this new proven technology is a substantial reduction in midroller heat build-up which in turn will lead to maximum track life.


While Eurotrack may not offer the cheapest track and wheel products it is keen to point out that premium quality and reliability set them apart from the competition. Often lower initial purchasing prices of other makes can seem tempting but it is important to consider durability and overall life expectancy.


Eurotrack comments that not all polyurethane offerings are the same in durability terms and when looking at recoated midroller products, one needs to consider external factors when wheel failures occur. Downtime due to premature wheel failures can quickly eliminate any savings made at the initial purchasing stage, not to mention extra travelling or transport costs involved in returning cores for recoating and collection charges.


As Superior Tire & Rubbers authorised European distributor, Eurotrack says that it offers Xtreme Wheels with a market leading and unrivalled lifetime bonding warranty, and, providing a wheel has been installed, maintained and used correctly within its useable working life, a delaminated wheel will be covered under warranty conditions. 


Eurotrack supplies tracks to fit all major tracked tractors including Challenger, John Deere T & RT series and Case IH Quadtrac, plus many other undercarriage systems. Designed for maximum reliability and durability, Camoplast is the market leader worldwide with lowest operating cost solutions to make farmers more efficient in an ever diminishing weather window, adds Eurotrack. This is shown through the newly developed Durabuilt 6500 Premium Heavy-Duty Ag track for Quadtrac which has shown to outlast competition offerings by some margin. Featuring reinforced drive-lugs, these tracks have shown at least an extra seasons use and are also recommended for higher demanding operations.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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