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Malting barley variety gains full approval for brewing

A new, high-yielding winter malting barleyvariety, only launched last summer, has received industry recognition for itsmalting quality by being awarded Full Approval for brewing use by the Instituteof Brewing and Distilling (IBD).


SY Venture, from Syngenta, is now thehighest-yielding winter malting barley which has Full IBD approval for brewingon the 2013/14 HGCA Recommended List, says Syngenta cereal campaign manager,Mark Britton.


With its UK treated yield of 101% ofcontrols, he says it also shows a 5% yield increase over a number ofestablished winter malting barley varieties on the List.


And now, this latest promotion by the IBDalso demonstrates that Venture has met the quality standards for maltingrequired by end users, he adds.


Withgrowers currently considering which varieties to grow for next season, thepromotion of Venture to Full Approval has come at an ideal time, says MrBritton, and will give farmers even greater confidence to plant it thisautumn. This is especially so since Venture is also a practical variety togrow.


Forexample, not only is it high-yielding, but it also combines its high yield withstiff straw having very good resistance to lodging on the HGCA RecommendedList.


Froma quality perspective, Venture also has a high specific weight of 69.7 kg/hl onthe HGCA Recommended List, a good grain nitrogen content of 1.65% and a highhot water extract. It has also produced very consistent yields over the lastthree years, and is resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV).


With all these characteristics, plus itsnew Full Approval for brewing use, the future for Venture is bright.


Sanette and Glassel

As well as the news about SY Venture, Mr Brittonsays two Syngenta spring malting barley varieties, Sanette and Glassel, havealso been added to the new Institute of Brewing and Distilling approved list,both being granted Provisional Approval 1 Sanette for brewing and Glassel formalt distilling.


Sanette and Glassel are both newvarieties, continues Mr Britton, and were only added to the HGCA RecommendedList towards the end of last year. So this Provisional Approval 1 is animportant step in their development.


At 109%, Sanette has the highest UK treatedyield figure of varieties on the HGCA Recommended List of spring barley 2013.


Additionally, as well as being targeted atUK brewing, it also has good lager characteristicsfor Europe. This is relevant because a key success for UK barley overrecent years has been export opportunities for certain brewing varieties. Withthis in mind, we are developing Sanette as apan-European variety.


Meanwhile, the distilling sector has seengrowth, and we hope Glassel could provide a key, new option for maltdistilling. It has a UK treated yield of 103% on the 2013 HGCA RecommendedList, and has produced highly consistent yields over the last three years, MrBritton explains.


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