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NFU Sugar given clear mandate to move forward on price negotiations

Over 550 sugar beet growers have given the NFU Sugar board a clearmandate to continue negotiating on price with British Sugar for the 2014/15beet crop, reports the NFU in a statement released on Tuesday (18-6-13).


It came during an NFU grower meeting at the East of Englandshowground attended by over 350 people, manyrepresenting multiple growers, and follows NFU Sugar rejecting the BritishSugar price offer announcement of 30.67/t during Cereals last week.


In a motion proposed from the floor, growers agreed to forwardcontract details and pledges on to NFU Sugar to underline the unifiedcommitment from the sector during negotiations on price.


Addressing the meeting, NFU Sugar board chairman William Martinsaid: For many growers the British Sugar price falls short of what they havebeen asking us for and what is necessary to address concerns of having beet inthe rotation. It is good to see that feeling reflected in the room today.


The sheer number of you here shows the strength of feeling in thesector, and how important it is for us to move forward on this together andwith your backing. We have a clear aim, to ensure our colleagues in Europe arenot paid more than us for the same product. Why should they be? We are sick ofbeing at the bottom of the European price table. That is something that needsto change.


So we now move into phase two of negotiations with British Sugar.This demonstration of strength sends a clear signal to them that we are unitedand we will be expecting a much better price if they want us to agree.


It is important to remember that it is not down to British Sugarto decide how much our farms are worth, it is down to each farmer individually.I feel very strongly that your farms are worth more than the current BritishSugar offer, and we must remain resolute and united as negotiations continue inthe coming months.


Todays meeting has given us a clear mandate to keep negotiatingfor a better, fairer price for all sugar beet growers, and ensure that theprice you are paid reflects the value of the crop you grow.



  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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