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Product guide launched in time for pre-harvest grain store treatments

Now is prime time for growers to plan theirpre-harvest grain storage treatments and Bayer is making this process easier bythe launch of its new grain protectant guide book, says the company.

The manual providesfarmers and pest controllers with all they need to know about Bayers popularK-Obiol insecticide.

Storing grain comeswith a variety of challenges says Ken Black, Bayers National Account Managerfor Rural Hygiene. There are three factors that influence the quality of thegrain; these are temperature, moisture content and storage period. Thedevelopment of micro-organisms and insects which are always present to agreater or lesser extent on the grain or in storage areas are affected by theseelements. The greater the quantity of grain, the greater the risk ofinfestation.

Ken notes that an estimated 90% offarm grain stores harbour at least one species of insect known to infest grain.The number of growers who use an insecticide to treat either the fabric of thebuilding or the grain directly is estimated to be around 40%. When grain pricesare high and with the possibility of growers choosing to store their grain forlonger a planned approach to good grain storage is essential. We hope that ournew guide will help growers make the best decisions for protecting theiryield.

BayersK-Obiol is formulated to control a range of stored crop insects, includinggrain weevils, flour beetles, grain borers, and saw-toothed grain beetles andflying insects too.

It is available in twomodern pyrethroid formulations, both containing the active ingredient,deltamethrin. K-Obiol EC25 has been formulated to treat the fabric of grainsilos and storage facilities prior to the introduction of grain and is uniquein that the product is approved for use on stores that are subsequently filledwith oilseed rape. K-Obiol EC25 can also be used as an admixture,post-harvest and will offer up to 12 months protection.

The second formulation;K-Obiol ULV6 is also designed to be used as an admixture, post-harvest and isavailable in a ready to use pack.  The pack connects directly toapplication machinery, reducing the risk of application errors.

To order a K-Obiol grainprotectant guide book, send an email to: [email protected].


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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