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‘Biggest job on earth’ campaign launched

BASF has launcheda global marketing campaign Farming, the biggest job on earth its aimis to support agriculture and the huge contribution that farmers make to theworld and our communities.

“We want to show farmers that ourbusiness supports them and what they do. The last few years have shownjust how tough farming can be,” says Janine Ferrie, BASF’s MarketingCommunications Manager.

“Farmers have some big challenges todeal with every season, but it has some even bigger ones to tackle over thecoming decades as we strive to feed, water and shelter a growing worldpopulation,” she adds. “Farming holds the key to some of the mostimportant challenges ahead – producing enough food, of high enough quality againstthe backdrop of resource and environmental constraint. It’s a huge task.”

Stephen Henning, BASF’s Regional Directoradds: Our business is here to support and to work with farmers, as they striveto produce more with evermore exacting standards and demands.”

For him, three things are fundamental forfarming’s future: “Investment in R&D, legislative decision-makingbased on science (not emotion) and farmers having a fair industry in which tooperate resilient businesses.”

Within the BASF business agricultural isfundamentally important farming research projects attract 25% of BASF’s totalR&D spend, which totalled some 430 million euros (368 million) in 2012.

The campaign is encouraging farmers, thefarming industry and the general public supportive of farmers to “walk andtalk proud about what a great job farmers do.”

Ms Ferrie is encouraging farmers to”get involved whether that’s wearing a Biggest job on earth t-shirt,supporting the events or sharing the work farmers do with others.”

To find out more, to register for a freet-shirt or find out how you can get involved, go to

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