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New online community for farmers launched

Waddesdon Estate farm manager Alastair Brooks will be engaging in an on-line discussion regarding the benefits of environmental scheme membership during coming weeks in the first of My New Holland’s Specials.

New Holland has launched an online community dedicated to the agricultural world; Open to all farmers and everyone with aninterest in farming, My New Holland offers all the functionalities of a virtualcommunity, providing a meeting place to share information, experiences andopinions on topics related to farming and machinery.


The Special: a forum to explore topical issueswith expert guidance

The feature that willmake My New Holland stand out from other online communities is the Special: aguest expert a recognised authority in his specialty will be invited tohold a discussion on a topic of his choice that is relevant to the farmingindustry. All My New Holland members will be invited to contribute theircomments, opinions, material or images, driving the conversation forward withthe guest expert. Topics will cover a wide range of topics ranging fromconservation agriculture to efficient farming practices. Each discussion willbe open for a number of weeks; subsequently a white paper will be produced andmade available for downloading.


The first Special: Alastair Brooks Joinenvironmental schemes now

Alastair Brooks, farmmanager at Waddesdon Estate and winner of the 2010 Farm Managerof the Year award makes the case for farmers joining environmental schemes inthe first My New Holland Special. Its about the survival of farming businesses,according to Alastair Brooks, whose unimpeachable credentials as a businessmanare backed by his latest venture, where he turned Waddesdon Estate around injust four years, introducing new cultivations strategies and a new croppingpolicy, as well as constantly looking for new ways to make the estateprofitable to the max. Participation in environmental schemes is also aboutthe sustainable intensification of agriculture: farms are part of an ecosystem,and farming practices that aim to intensify crop production through themanagement of biodiversity and ecosystem services will ultimately delivergrowth that is sustainable in the longer term.


Extra content for New Holland equipment owners

Owners of New Hollandequipment can also gain access to extra premium content that will help them getthe best from their machines. They can register the machines they own in theirprofile and download their models operator manuals and useful material fromour training courses. 


Easy registration

Becoming part of the MyNew Holland community is easy: following initial registration, the new memberswill complete their profile, where they can include the details of theagricultural machines they own if they wish to do so.

Accessibility and languges

At the time of launch theMy New Holland community is in English and accessible either directlythrough its URL or by following the link on the home page of the New Holland UK &ROI website. My New Holland will be extended to other languages at a laterstage.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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