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Handling products provide added safety and convenience

Providing added safety for stock and stockman

David Ritchie (Implements) Ltd has, in the past year,invested extensively in its agricultural division with the design, on-farm trialevaluations and introduction of new ranges of products as well as productupgrades. 

Known and respected by both British and Europeanfarmers for its animal handling and farm machinery products, Ritchie hasresearched future farming needs, incorporating innovative product advances forbetter farming husbandry and safety, says the company.

With consumers and producers looking into improvinghealth and safety farm issues for both stock and operators, Ritchie isconfident of these new products’ acceptance in the market place.

Sheep Handling

Ritchie sheep handling equipment has undergoneextensive modernisation with taller 1m panels now making it harder fornew breeds of longer-legged or high-spirited sheep to escape from the handlingsystem.  A wider range of handlinglayouts is available, both as portable or fixed systems.  Larger material sections on many of thecomponents incorporate easy-close catches to increase security.  All sheet metal edges are rounded and safeedged to provide livestock and operator safety. 

Incorporating Ritchies Combi Clamp, weigh platforms,shedding gate and no horn traps within the forcing ring, handling systemoperators are able to improve sheep handling efficiencies while working more easily.

New Calving and Suckling Gate

Comprising of a headstock, swing gate with removablebar and a hinged lifting lower section, this all-in-one gate is a new radicalapproach to improving safety for cow, calf and stockperson.  The addition of this gate to any calving penenables stock management to be easily improved. The cow is safely secured in the head yoke, the side gate is swungclosed and secured against the cow, stopping any lateral movement, and the lowerbottom gate rails are swung up and out of harms way, ensuring the calf can beassisted to the cows udder without fear of the cowman or calf being kicked.  The removal of the higher side bar with thecow secured, has even allowed a caesarean operation to be carried out on astanding cow. Cleansing afterbirth and trimming are also tasks that can besafely completed, explains the manufacturer.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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