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BASIS and LEAF launch new Integrated Farm Management course

BASIS and LEAF (Linking Environment AndFarming) are launching a new Integrated Farm Management (IFM) course, designedto provide farmers and advisers with the skills and knowledge to take a wholefarm approach to more sustainable farming.

Rob Simpson, BASIS Managing Director says:The changing pace and demands on our food production systems require a moresustainable approach to farm management.  Implementing IFM principlesenables farmers to operate profitable businesses capable of both producingquality food and managing the environment sensitively.

Working with LEAF we have built on thesuccess of the BASIS/LEAF Integrated Crop Management (ICM) course and updatedthe syllabus to include new modules, which take account of aspects of watermanagement, energy efficiency and waste management.

IFM provides a sound basis for thedevelopment of farm assurance schemes, in particular LEAF Marque. The coursealso plays an important role in developing the knowledge and skill of anyadviser, agronomist or consultant, especially in the delivery of the ThematicPesticide Strategy and Integrated Pest Management.

Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive of LEAFsays: We believe that informed management across the whole farm, focussing onattention to detail in all practices, will deliver more sustainable farmingnow, and in the future.

Building on the Codes of Good AgriculturalPractice, IFM is a practical and achievable approach for farmers.  Itdelivers a food system that is economically viable, ecologically sound andsocially just. Furthermore, it is a key option for government for theresponsible use of pesticides in the UK and Europe.

The two day IFM course brings together thediscussions and practical solutions for producers to take home and implement,ensuring productive, sustainable farming businesses in a global market. 

The course is divided into 10 core modules,including:

  • Introduction to IFM
  • Crop management
  • Water management and energyefficiency
  • Pollution control andby-product management
  • Animal husbandry
  • Landscape and natureconservation
  • Organisation, planning andmanagement
  • Indicators, reviews and performancemeasurement
  • Food chain integration,quality, safety and farm assurance
  • Community engagement

 For information on the new IFM coursecontact BASIS for course dates. Email: [email protected]or telephone: 01335 340856. More details can be found on the BASIS website


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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