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Dont risk delaying brome control act now for best results

Aswinter cereal drilling continues in parts of northern England and Scotland, DowAgroSciences is advising farmers to act now on sterile brome and great bromecontrol to ensure the best results from contact graminicides.


Bromesbecome very difficult to control above growth stage 24, says Iain Sampson, DowAgroSciences regional business manager for the north of England, Scotland andNorthern Ireland. We strongly advise treating in the autumn if possible.


Forfields that have been drilled and where a pre-emergence herbicide waseffective, check fields regularly for signs of active brome growth beforeapplying post-emergence contact treatments.


DowAgroSciences recommends a tank mix of 265 g/l Broadway Star (pyroxsulamflorasulam) and 1.75 l/ha (800g ai/ha) Stomp Aqua (pendimethalin) plus anapproved adjuvant, to ensure residual control over the winter.


Wherethe effect of pre-emergence treatment was delayed, or sub-optimal, wait foractive brome growth before applying.


Incases where no pre emergence was applied, the rate of pendimethalin can beincreased from 800g ai/ha to 1000g ai/ha (2.2 l/ha) to improve the residualaction.


Inaddition to sterile brome and great brome, Broadway Star also offers effectivecontrol of ryegrass and wild oats, plus a range of broad-leaved weeds.



  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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