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Free on-line tool helps dairy farmers to challenge performance targets

Alltech has launched the Dairy What If? Tool to farmers, consultants, dairy processorsand retailers.


TheAlltech Dairy What If? Tool, which is now be available online and free touse, is a management tool that will allow farmers to test the impact ofchanging production targets on not only their environmental performance but moretellingly on their bottom line profitability.  The What If? Tool is easyto use, very visual and based on familiar dairy cow performance criteria.


Weve been reallyimpressed at how easy the tool is to use, comments Rob Bowdler of NC Bowdler& Sons in Shropshire, its a quick and straight forward way of finding outwhere your management focus should be to provide the greatest improvement inherd performance.


Taking the audiencethrough the practical use of the tool, Andy Wynne of agri-environmental expertsE-CO2  said The Dairy What If? Tool allows farmers toalter a wide range of key performance criteria such as herd yield, calvingindex, and feed usage so that they can see immediately how improvements affectthe bottom line and their environmental footprint.  The tool can also be used by farmers to setfuture targets alongside the farms consultant, nutritionist or vet who willthen be in a position to provide advice on how these can be achieved.  Both Alltech and E-CO2  will be available across the UK to helpfarmers make the most of this new tool.


Over many yearsindustry experts have shown that profitability and environmental performanceare very closely linked.  Alltechbelieves the Dairy What If? Tool can help farmers identify the key improvementsthat will help their businesses become more efficient in the future.  The challenge is how to achieve theseefficiencies.  Industry figures show ahuge range of performance levels between dairy businesses which are influencedby many factors such as commodity prices, genetics, buildings, feed efficiencyand supply amongst many others.  Howeverunderpinning much of the potential of a cows performance is cow health and inparticular rumen health.


Alltechs researchhas proved consistently that healthy animals perform better in economic termswhilst reducing their environmental footprint. Improving rumen health not only increases feed intake but helpsfertility and reduces replacement rates comments Pat Charlton Alltech EuropeanVice President. Achieving a balanced diet, ensuring nutrients supplied arebeing absorbed efficiently and animals are taking up essential organic mineralsis the foundation of improved performance. It is a crucial part of our on-going EPS programme (Efficiency = Profitability+ Sustainability) which underpins all of our research and on farmactivity. 


Following positivefeedback during our key beef and dairy event, Global 500, which took place inIreland earlier this month I hope the Alltech Dairy What If? Tool willprovide a stimulus to UK dairy farmers to move up the performance league.



  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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