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As easy as BDC

BDC Systems’latest generation of Skandia Dust and Chaff extractors will be a majorattraction at Lamma 2014. With 4060, 100 and 150 tonnes per hour (tph)capacities, these extractors can improve grain cleaning by as much as threetimes that of earlier Skandia models. This is thanks to a new design ofcleaning unit and a fully balanced system.

There is nowa complete range of Skandia products including the extractors, elevators,conveyors and ducting systems all available from BDC Systemsfor facilities with intensive operations throughout the year.

Meanwhile,managing director Andrew Head accompanied a party of UK customers to the Akronand Skandia factories in Sweden towards the end of 2013. The visit showedcustomers the manufacturing facilities and the latest product innovations fromthe two companies.

A visit tothe Akron factory, where the leading Svegma brand of grain dryers aremanufactured, included presentations, a tour of the production facilities, thefan testing wind tunnel and the impressive warehouse facilities.

At Skandia,the group was shown around the company’s modern production facilities whichhave seen a 10m investment over the last 10 years. This has included theaddition of robotic folding presses, automatic punching machines with 350storage compartments for raw and finished products.

Two customersite visits were also made. The first was to a large grain co-operativehandling over 100,000 tonnes of product per year and where Skandia hasinstalled 150tph conveying equipment. The second visit was to a 2,000 tonnefarm installation using Skandia 60tph handling equipment.

DelegatePeter Lee from Mark Weatherhead Ltd said: The production facilities of bothcompanies were very well organised. We have been dealing with Svegma machinerysince the early eighties and, together with BDC Systems, they have always beenvery good at looking after their customers.

 Roger Fairsof Tey Farm Systems, was impressed by the investment and development ofSkandia’s facilities. It was also clear that BDC Systems has strong links withboth Skandia and Akron. As a UK customer, this is very positive. All in all itwas a very well organised trip.




  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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