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Single Payment Scheme (SPS) 2013 Entitlements Statements available online

The Rural Payments Agency(RPA) is making Single Payment Scheme (SPS) 2013 Entitlements Statementsavailable online for farmers and agents to view. 

They will be ableto see the statements through SPS Online even if they applied using a paperform this scheme year.

Customer DirectorJustin Chamberlain said: Being able to view your SPS Entitlements Statementselectronically is just one of the many benefits of using SPS Online.

More than half ofall applications in 2013 were made electronically and it is really encouragingto see increasing numbers enjoying a system which offers instant receipts andchecks for common errors. 

I would encouragethose farmers still using paper forms to register now because being online willleave farm businesses in a good position for Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) changesbeing introduced in 2015.

Users can accessSPS Online via the Start now link on the website: To register, newusers need a PIN provided by RPA. 

To get a new PIN ormore information visit the RPA website ( or call theRPA Customer Service Centre on 0845 603 7777.

Paper copies of the2013 Entitlements Statements and guidance will be posted to those who appliedon paper forms later this month.

Farmers shouldcheck their 2013 Entitlements Statement when they access it via SPS Online, orwhen they receive the paper version. If they believe the information shown onthe Entitlements Statement is incorrect, they should notify RPA in writing assoon as possible.

Most farmers andagents will be able to view their statement online now. Work is still ongoingon a small number of cases and statements for these will not be available untilthat is complete. 

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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