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Dont be hasty with CIPC applications

Management of stored potatoes requires regular inspections to check tuberquality and store conditions.


Foreffective sprout control, accepted advice is now not to apply CIPC as soon as there are signs of renewedsprouting. This first response is often just slight movement or swelling of thesprout after dormancy break. This new tissue readily absorbs CIPC already inthe stores atmosphere and begins to blacken at the growing point and die back,changing colour as it does.


David Hudson suggests that you shouldnt apply CIPC by the calendar orrush in with an additional dose without spending some time observing what isreally happening with your stored crop. Storemanagers should spend some time observing what happens to the sprouts. 


After you first see what you thinkis sprout regrowth, take a close look with a hand lens. Can you see those brown”CIPC scorch marks”? Don’t confuse them with sprouts that have beeneven gently touched or brushed. These sprouts will also have brown marks onthem but they are different to the CIPC scorch. Teach yourself to recognise thedifference said David.


Don’t rush in, be prepared toreturn to the store a week or so later (with your hand lens) and see if you canreally see a change in the appearance of sprouts and the emergence of moresprouts.


Truly uncontrolled sprouts willbe “pearly white” not blackened at the tip, browned, creamy colouredor glassy looking. They also tend to be spear shaped rather than swollen orbulbous.


Check when the first or previousapplication was made. Depending on the growing season, variety and storetemperature you should not need to re-apply within 6 weeks and certainly notbefore 4 weeks.


Rememberthat this seasons new label recommendations for cold stores (those held at 5Cor below) limit treatment to just one application per season.


Keep up to speed on best practice for re-treatment of any cropsneeding a second dose of CIPC at Remember to ensureall CIPC recommendations are taken from a BASIS qualified advisor and arerecorded.


Use plant protection productssafely. Always read the label and product information before use.


For free advice call Sutton BridgeCrop Storage Research on 0800 02 82 111


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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