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Chance to test new online RPA service

Following successful small-scale initial trials, the Rural PaymentsAgency (RPA) is now rolling out to 1,000 farmers and agents the chance to testa new online service which enables customers to view their land details on adigital map.

The Rural Land Register (RLR) map viewer is a forerunner to the fullyonline service to be launched by Defra in 2014/15 for payment schemes under thenew CAP. Like all aspects of the new service, this is a phased developmentwhich uses ongoing insight and feedback from customer testing to shape aproduct which exactly fulfils the needs of the end user.

The viewer currently on test offers instant access to the most up todate maps of the customers land holdings along with Ordnance Survey mappingand aerial photography. Users will also be able to search for fields and mapsheets, to draw lines and measure areas as well as print maps to support landchange requests to the RPA.

RPAs Information and Technology Director Ed Schofield said: RPA isamongst the leaders in the provision of digital services and we are determinedto keep getting better. More than half of our customers now apply for theirSingle Payment Scheme (SPS) payments online and we are working hard to supportthe rest to make this important change.

In line with central government ambitions, we are committed to reducingcosts and improving customer service by offering more and better digitaloptions.

This new viewer is the result of close working with partners andcustomers to further improve our online services. It is quick, simple and intime will help improve the accuracy of the data we hold, which in turn willensure fast and accurate payments to our customers.

Initial testing has been positive with 88% of farmers and 100% of agentsstating they would recommend the viewer. 68% rated their experience between 4and 5 on a scale where 5 equals completely satisfied with the experience. Thecurrent trial will continue to provide valuable customer feedback to RPA andthis will be used to inform an implementation approach to SPS Online customers.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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