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Re-fill drinking water troughs 10 times faster with right choice of valve

For a faster re-fill oftip-over troughs and water troughs sited in popular drinking areas, dairy farmersshould install Topaz valves which restore water levels 10 times faster thanconventional ball valves, advises Dairy Spares Simon Marsh.


Assuming good waterpressure of 5-100 psi, the design of the Topaz valve allows water into thetrough at up to 200 litres/minute – a much increased flow rate compared toconventional brass ball valves. The durable construction of the Topaz troughvalve also helps prevent flow restriction occurring from a build-up of mineraldeposits.


Mr Marsh explains: Cowsin-milk need to drink at least 100 litres of water per day, and more in hotweather. Its not only inefficient, but may stress animals that have to wait todrink at a trough that cannot maintain its water level. If the trough is sitednear the exit of the milking parlour, this can affect cow flow, and require themilking operators attention.


Instead of graduallyreducing the flow rate as the water level rises, a Topaz valve is either fullyopen or fully closed. So it is more efficient at maintaining water levels atpeak drinking times. In fact, a standard tip-over trough with a capacity of 120litres takes just 40 seconds to fill through a Topaz trough valve due to thefull bore design and superior flow rate. 


Tippingtroughs are becoming popular as they are easy to clean, and this helps ensure asupply of clean drinking water.  Theshut-off mechanism feature on the Topaz valve allows easy isolation of thetroughs water supply, to further aid thorough cleaning.


Somefarmers buy a bigger trough to compensate for a slow-filling ball valve, butthis can be costly and takes up more valuable space. A much more economicalsolution is to fit a Topaz valve.


Topaz trough valves aremanufactured by New Zealand specialist Jobe Valves, and each cost 47.95+ VAT.For details of their local stockist, farmers can contact Dairy Spares, and formore information on the full Jobe valves range, visit


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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