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Demo days provide opportunity for fungicide and variety comparisons

Farmers andagronomists will have the opportunity to compare winter wheat varieties andjudge the effectiveness of fungicide programmes at this years BayerCropScience trials demonstration days around the country.


At each ofsix demonstration days being held around England, there will be the chance tohear about up to 30 winter wheat varieties from independent experts.


With diseasepressure potentially even higher than in 2012, it will be a good chance tocompare varieties natural disease resistance, particularly against the numberone disease yield robber, Septoria,says Mike Abram, Bayer CropSciences PR & Communications Manager.


There arealso wheat fungicide trials at each demonstration, including the one inScotland, so growers can compare efficacy from different fungicide programmes,such as those based on our SDHI fungicide Aviator Xpro (bixafen +prothioconazole).


There willalso be specific demonstrations or speakers at each of the demonstration days.For example, at Callow in Herefordshire and Hinton Waldrist near Oxford, farmerDavid Felce will be talking to growers and advisers about spray application,while at Long Sutton machinery expert Philip Wright of Wright Resolutions willbe on hand to discuss soil management and cultivation techniques.


In Scotland,there will be a focus on annual meadowgrass control, while at the otherdemonstration days black-grass control will be discussed, including at Chishillin Cambridgeshire and Cawood in Yorkshire, where strips of different grass weedshave been sprayed with various herbicide programmes.


There willalso be the opportunity to look at oilseed rape varieties at some sites,including new HGCA Recommended List candidates bred by Bayer CropScience, andto discuss any agronomy issues with Bayer staff, including seed treatments.


BayerCropScience demonstration days


  • 17 June(2.30pm-4pm): Orchard Farm, Chishill, Cambridgeshire

                (tobe followed by trip to RAGT Seeds Grange Farm, Ickleton)

  • 19 June(10.30am-5pm): Stockbridge Technology Centre, Cawood, Yorks

  • 23 June (5.30pm)& 24 June (10am): Duxford Farm, Hinton Waldrist, Oxford

  • 26 June (11am-4pm):Monkhall Farm, Callow, Herefordshire

  • 1 July (11am-4pm):Windmill Down Farm, Hambledon, Hampshire

  • 3 July (11am-4pm):Monmouth House Farm, Lutton, Long Sutton, Lincs

  • 10 July (10am-4pm): Hillsof Bendochy Farm, Coupar Angus, Perthshire

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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