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New event in Scotland addresses PCN challenges

The Potato Councilhas created a new opportunity for growers in Angus to get together in July fora close examination of PCN and the ways science and industry is workingtogether to manage it. PCN is a major threat to potato yields so this eventwill prove invaluable for those dealing with PCN on land used for potato crops,says the organisation.


Alistair Redpath, Chief Executive ofPseedCo, leading regional seed growers and member of the QV group, will openthe event and he tells us I am delighted to be involved with this new PotatoCouncil event for this important growing region. This event will highlight theimportance of working together to address PCN issues and give an overview ofthe research work being carried out by Potato Council and partners to deal withthe threat that PCN poses to potato yields.


Responsible land use and soil testing willbe examined by Dr Denise AHara, Head of Potato Branch at Science and Advicefor Scottish Agriculture (SASA), Scottish Government.


Nematicides are under EU regulatorypressure. In view of the potential for loss of nematicides for PCN control,there is much interest in non-chemical means of controlling the pest. Trap-cropping is one way of achieving this and involves growing a cropspecifically to induce PCN to hatch ahead of potato cropping. Dr DaanKiezebrink, applied potato pathologist, will look at how bio-fumigants can playa significant part in PCN control.


Darryl Shailes of agronomy expertsHutchinsons will look at options for chemical control of PCN and how planningand implementing a control programme can reduce your PCN population levels andprotect your potato crops.


Archie Gibson, Managing Director of Agrico(UK) Ltd will update you on what industry is doing now to prevent PCN and howPCN-resistant varieties can make a huge difference to yield and quality. JamesDaw, of Staffordshire-based farmers and growers W B Daw & Son, will talkabout his own experiences of precision farming and how applying technology canhelp reduce your risks and increase the rewards.


Plus, John Reid of the host familypartnership will guide us on a short tour giving an overview of their potato growingenterprise.


Claire Hodge, who leads the event for PotatoCouncil, tells us I talk regularly with Scottish growers about many issues andincreasingly how PCN is a major cause for concern. This is compounded byincreasing regulatory pressure from the EU on chemical treatments. So Imreally pleased that weve been able to create this new event which focuses onPCN and what research is being done to provide solutions.


The East of Scotland Potato Event isfree to attend and will be held between 1430-1930hours on Tuesday 15 July 2014 at Newmill Of Balgavies Farm, Forfar, Angus,DD8 2SF.Industry is warmly invited to join Potato Council and the expertsfor the afternoons programme, with refreshments and an informal supperavailable for participants.


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