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Herbicide-free weed control challenge

British company Weedingtechis challenging five major industry partners to test out its MW-Series andFoamstream weed control system to prove its performance against traditionalweed control products. The weed control challenge will be the largest programmeof its kind ever undertaken in the UK. It aims to showcase the viability ofWeedingtechs innovative herbicide-free weed control alternative to glyphosate-basedproducts.


Thechallenge is being taken up by major players in the amenities, agricultural,environmental and recreational sectors, says the company, and the partner groupcomprises of Yeo Valley Family Farm, South West Water, South West Lakes Trust,Quadron Services and fresh produce company Gs. All participants were carefullyselected for their commitment to reducing the use of herbicide-based weedmanagement products within their operations.


Partnerswill be challenged to put Foamstream through its paces in a variety ofsettings, from areas of outstanding natural beauty and public parks, tochildrens playgrounds and working farms. The challenge will allow participantsto experience and directly compare the products efficacy against traditionalglyphosate-based weed management products. The programme participants willfollow has been developed by weed expert and Weedingtech advisory board memberMike May.


Accordingto the company, Foamstream is an award-winning, innovative, fast-acting productwhich works by killing weeds using a precise application of hot water and foam.It has been developed in consultation with an advisory board made up of some ofthe UKs leading botanists and technical experts. It is currently selling ineight European countries and there are over 40 clients using this hot-foamtechnology across the UK and in Europe where legislation banning herbicides isdriving take-up of the product.


Theweed control challenge is all about shaking things up and showing the UK thatthere is an alternative to herbicide-based weed control and that its as, ormore effective, says Weedingtech  chiefoperating officer, Leo de Montaignac.


Weredelighted to be working with a group of such high profile organisations whoshare our vision to help bring herbicide-free weed control into the mainstream.Were looking forward to hearing their opinions on Foamstream no holdsbarred!


GarthClark, Managing Director of Holt Farms Ltd Yeo Valley Family Farms, comments:At Yeo Valley Family Farms were passionate about caring for the land andnature. We strive to be sustainable in everything we do and constantly seek outways to go further than youd expect even an organic brand to go, so are alwayson the look-out for alternative weed control methods.


WeedingtechsFoamstream is a perfect fit with our ethos, and we were keen to get involved inthe challenge to find out what it could do to help us. From the results weveseen so far we havent been disappointed – Foamstream is an extremely effectiveproduct for controlling weeds in a variety of different situations; from publicspaces, such as our hugely popular organic gardens and the visitor car parkwhich would previously have been weeded by hand, through to areas of theworking farm such as our badger fences. Were very excited to be part of thisground-breaking challenge and look forward to continuing to work withWeedingtech to put Foamstream through its paces.



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