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Keep it original says manufacturer

 Genuine Kverneland wearing parts undergo a special treatment process

In light of recentcomments by some plough manufacturers and parts suppliers, Kverneland says it would like to make it clear that it only manufactures and supplies plough parts for itsown range of implements.

It is quite flattering to think that someof our competitors want to be associated with the Kverneland brand, howevertenuous a link it may be, says Kverneland parts marketing manager RichardBennett. But we would like to remind customers that our plough parts aremanufactured at the Kverneland plough factory in Norway, exclusively for ourploughs.

Nor do we buy from anyone else ormanufacture plough parts for anyone else. Kverneland uses its own formulationof Sagitta steel along with specific heat treatment processes that remain aclosely guarded secret.

Any company or supplier claiming to haveaccess to our factory or our parts will be making false claims – the only wayyou can buy genuine Kverneland parts is to buy from the Kverneland dealernetwork, he says. This is how we keep our special heat treatment andmetallurgy processes confidential.

Genuine parts give the correct balancebetween hardness and toughness, giving your Kverneland ploughs and cultivationequipment outstanding wear characteristics with points, shares, shins andmouldboards.

No supplier of non-genuine spare parts inthe UK has access to any of our individual metal production processes, or ourraw materials, he says. Nor do they heat treat in quite the same way.

 Mr Bennett warns that buying non-genuineplough parts could result in a less than 100% compatibility fit or anaccurate shape. Non-genuine parts are merely copies of our originals, headds. When you buy genuine Kverneland plough parts, you can be sure thatyoure buying the very best in wearing metal. Keep it original keep itKverneland.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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