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Watch Out! for illegal pesticides at Cereals 2014

Attendeesat this years Cereals event are being encouraged to keep their eyes open forthe Watch Out! for illegal pesticides campaign logo. The logo will be displayedaround the site along with campaign literature containing advice for farmersand growers on the simple precautions they should take to minimise the risks ofbuying and using illegal pesticides.


WatchOut! for illegal pesticides is the message of a year long, nationwide, industrycampaign launched to raise awareness of the risks of illegal pesticides. Thecampaign is supported by the Voluntary Initiative and Red Tractor Assurance,with funding from the Crop Protection Association, National Farmers Union andAgricultural Industries Confederation.


Tradein illegal pesticides, involving organised criminal gangs, is increasing aroundthe world. These illegal pesticides are untested and uncontrolled and thereforemay contain inferior or even dangerous and banned substances. Their use couldendanger the health of sprayer operators, deprive farmers of their Single FarmPayment and farm assured status, result in crop failure or rejection, createenvironmental risks to wildlife soil and water and even lead to prosecution.


Farmers,operators and agronomists are being urged to help guard against these illegalpesticides and are advised to:

        Buy only known and reputable pesticides from known and reputable suppliers.

        Check that packaging is professional, tamper proof and securely sealed and ithas a full label written in English.

        Check the product on the invoice and delivery note matches the product orderedand delivered.

        Check that the product looks as expected.

        Ensure parallel import products   are genuine – ask forconfirmation of the company that made the product and the country it came from.

        Report suspicious products and suppliers to the Defra helpline 08459 33 5577 (calls charged at a local rate).


RichardButler, Voluntary Initiative (VI) Chairman, said; Cereals is the premierarable farming event and were delighted to be promoting the Watch Out!campaign and responsible pesticide use alongside all the other exciting standsand displays. As every farmer, operator and agronomist knows responsiblepesticide use starts with using an approved product and following theinformation on the label and the advice of a BASIS registered agronomist. It isreally sad that farmers now have to be aware of the danger posed byunscrupulous professional counterfeiters who want to undermine theprofessionalism and competence of UK farmers and sprayer operators. 


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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