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HGCA Harvest results 28 July 2014

Winteroilseed rape East/West Region

Theyields from the first five HGCA Recommended List oilseed rape trials are shownin this weeks harvest results, reports HGCAs Dr Simon Oxley. These yieldshave been adjusted for oil content and are represented as a percentage of thecontrol varieties, Excalibur, Vision, PR46W21 and DK Cabernet.

Theseyields average a respectable 5.65t/ha in 2014 which compares favourably to thefour year average figure of 5.39t/ha. The site at Wardington, Oxfordshire hasperformed exceptionally well with an average yield of 6.8t/ha

Ofthe current HGCA Recommended List varieties, the restored hybrid varietyIncentive is performing well with a gross output of 109% and the conventionalopen pollinated variety Charger has a gross output of 107%. The restored hybridHarper is also performing well at 105%. These three varieties were all added tothe list last year.

Lookingat the Candidate varieties, the High Oleic Low Linolenic (HOLL) variety V316 OLhas taken the early lead with an impressive gross output of 116% performingwell at all five sites. The candidate variety Campus is also performing well at112%

Althoughthe 2014 yields are of interest to understand how well this harvest is going,the four year average figures provide the best guide to understand varietalperformance over several seasons (see Table below).


Resultsfrom seven trials are presented this week ranging from Devon in the west,Edinburgh to the north and Norfolk to the east. Average yields remain buoyantin 2014 at 10.02t/ha which compares well to the five year average of 8.98t/ha.This is over a tonne/ha better than average at this stage. The Devon site hasperformed exceptionally well at 10.55t/ha

Six-rowvarieties on the HGCA Recommended List still head the table on yields, with thehybrid variety Volume achieving 106% compared with the control varieties,and the conventional variety KWS Meridian 105%.

Two-rowfeed varieties also continue to perform well. Higher yielding varieties in 2014include California (103%), KWS Glacier (102%) and KWS Tower (101%). Maltingvarieties are more about quality than yield, but Talisman has achieved yields97% and SY venture 95% to date in 2014.

Candidatevarieties are also performing well in 2014 trials, including the six-rowconventional variety Daxor (105%) and the two-row feed varieties KWS Infinity(101%) and Perseus (100%).

Thefive year average yields provide a better representation of variety performanceover a range of seasons. The six-row hybrid Volume (107%) remains the topperformer, followed by the two-row feed varieties KWS Glacier (104%) and KWSTower (104%), and Tetris (103%). The six-row conventional variety KWS Meridiansfive year average is also 103%. (See Table below).

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