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Additional harvest results

Winter barley

There aretwo additional winter barley harvest results reported this week from Essex andPerthshire. The trend towards higher than average yields in the 2014 harvest (10.01t/ha) compared to the five-year average of 8.99 t/ha continues.  The 2014yield average is 10.01 t/ha compared to the 5 year average of 8.99 t/ha.

Thesix-row hybrid feed variety Volume continues to top the yield table with ayield of 106% of the control varieties in 2014, and 107% in the five-yearaverage. The six-row conventional variety KWS Meridian has also performed wellin 2014 with a yield of 105% which compares favourably with the five-yearaverage yield of 103%.

Thetwo-row feed varieties California and KWS Glacier are performing well in 2014with a yield of 102% and KWS Tower at 101%. The five-year average yieldsprovide a better picture of variety performance over a range of seasons, andKWS Glacier, KWS Tower, Tetris, California, Cavalier, KWS Cassia and Retrieverare all consistent high yielding two-row feeds.

Brewingvarieties are about quality and not yield. SY Venture has a five-year averageyield of 98% and Talisman 99%. These yields compare favourably with theestablished varieties including Cassata (94%).

Thecandidate two-row feed varieties continue to perform well in 2014 trials andtheir current five-year average yields are Daxor (six-row conventional 106%),KWS Infinity (two-row feed 104%) and Perseus (two-row feed 103%).

Winter oilseed rape (east/west region)

Three moreyields are included this week from trials in Essex, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.The average gross output from HGCA Recommended list oilseed rape trials arecurrently 5.44 t/ha which is above the four-year average of 5.34 t/ha.Incentive, the top yielder on the current HGCA Recommended List has a grossoutput in 2014 of 109% and remains a strong performer in 2014 trials. Itperformed particularly well at the Suffolk site reported this week. Looking at the four-year average figures, Incentive and Charger, both have agross output of 106%.

There aresome impressive yields from some of the new candidates. The High oleic lowlinolenic (HOLL) variety V316 OL has a gross output of 115% in 2014 trials, andthe high yield is also reflected in the four-year average. Campus, Popular, SYHarnas, Picto and Arazzo are also strong yielding varieties from the four-yeargross output figures. The four- year average gross output figure provide abetter picture on variety performance across a range of seasons.

The firstyields from the north region will be reported next week.


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