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Essex trials of new OSR variety show 84/ha advantage over average


New DSV hybrid oilseed rape variety Combinerhas achieved a gross output over 5% more than its closest rival in trialscarried out by Agrii in Pleshey, Essex.

The highest yield by some margin plus an oilcontent of 48.4% gave Combiner a gross output of 114.4% of mean compared to108.9% for the variety Vision and 106.4% for DK Cabernet in second and thirdslot respectively.

Combiner is also the only variety to have anoil content greater than 47% in the latest HGCA 2014 harvest results and theonly one to hit 48% in trials carried out by Agrivice.

Gross output is still the number one attributeto select for provided it is balanced with a sound all-round agronomic packageand these trials show a dominant advantage for Combiner, says DSVs MichaelFarr.

At abase price of 235/t, Combiners overall output advantage would be worth 52/haover its nearest competitor and 84/ha over the average according to the Agriiresults.

In other Agrii trials designed to look at theeffects of different sowing dates from mid August to mid September, the varietyachieved the highest yield topping 121% of control in one instance.

As well as delivering exceptionally high gross outputs, Combiner alsohas very good resistance to key diseases and is the best performer of all DSV varieties with regardto verticillium wilt even better thanthe current standard setter Compass.

In fact, the varietys 6 for phoma and light leaf spot combined withits medium height and stiff straw means it has an outstanding all-roundagronomic package.

Combiners attributes make it a great insurancevariety for all UK oilseed rape growers, Michael Farr believes; Its high oil content will prevail in poorer years andin good years youll get the yield advantage too plus its got sound diseasescores to protect it.

In addition, the same early vigour as the currentHGCA recommended list topper Incentive 45 gives Combiner exceptional autumnestablishment to ward off pest and disease attack whilst early maturity giveseasier harvest management.

The variety is currently one of the few to appear inboth East/West and Northern HGCA Candidate Trials.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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