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Keep sugar beet crops clean for maximum return this harvest

SESVANDERHAVEstrials reflect the good health of sugar beet across the region, and with goodprices secured for this harvest year, growers should aim to keep crops clean tomake the most of a bumper yield, advises Richard Robinson, Trials and ResearchManager at SESVANDERHAVE UK.


Thecontract price for the crop in the ground is good, therefore it is worth investingin to keep crops clean with good leaf says Richard.


Hecontinues: Recent rain across most of the beet-growing region has benefitedcrops. Although there is a bit of mildew occurring in a few places, mostgrowers applied fungicide treatments in good time and have kept disease incheck.


Towardsthe end of August and into September growers should regularly check crops forbrown rust. The first sighting of disease is an indicator that a T2 treatmentmay be required.


Asyet there is no evidence of silver Y moth, but growers should remain vigilant.The pest is especially active in warm and wet weather and large populations cancause significant yield loss from de-foliation.


Weveseen low levels of bolters across this year, mainly down to warmer temperaturesduring March and April, but low bolting varieties remain a key objective for UKbreeding and testing. Where there are any individual bolters, growers should gothrough the crop and hand pull, to prevent weed issues building up for thefuture, suggests Richard.


SESVANDERHAVEstrials are looking good with high yields forecast over the 18,000 plots acrossEast Anglia and Lincolnshire. Growers will be re-assured to know our nextgeneration of genetics looks set to continue the year on year increase inbreeding progress, says Richard. 


OurUK trials team has just completed the second bolter assessment from our owntrials of commercial seed drilled early on 21st February and report5% average bolting across all varieties.  It remains critical to drillBolter Trials this early to get reliable data on varietal susceptibility tobolting, Richard concludes.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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