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Keep track of mycotoxin risk right up to harvest

With the winterwheat harvest well underway, HGCA is reminding growers to keep track ofrainfall for their mycotoxin risk assessment following the onset of more unsettledweather including the potential for very heavy rain this weekend.

Rainfall fromgrowth stage 87 until the wheat is combined is a crucial determiner ofmycotoxin risk.

 Significantrainfall in the final days before harvest can have a big impact on the finalrisk score, explains HGCAs Dr Dhan Bhandari. At the Banbury Recommended Listtrial site last week, 15mm of rain fell in a downpour on Thursday afternoondespite the rest of the week being almost completely dry.

In summer, wecan get localised storms with large quantities of rain in a short period oftime. Because rainfall can be highly localised, its important to keep track ofrainfall on a field by field basis to manage mycotoxin risk, he added.

When grain fromdifferent parts of a farm has different risk scores, it is important to keep itsegregated if at all possible. In mixed lots, the highest risk score from anyof the component parts should be used for the whole lot.

HGCAs HarvestToolkit available online at contains further information on mycotoxins, grain sampling and storage toensure quality at harvest is maintained in store. 

The CerealSellers Checklist and the Oilseed Sellers Checklist, which are available aspart of the Toolkit, contain helpful tips on avoiding the common pitfalls whenmarketing crops.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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