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Latest harvest update from HGCA

The HGCA has issued updated harvest results for winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley and final results for oilseed rape for the north, east and west areas.

Winter Wheat

HGCA Recommended List wheat trials are performing very well with an average yield of 11.90 t/ha. This compares favourably to the five-year average yield of 9.97 t/ha. This is an impressive 1.93 t/ha above the average. Yields range from the high yielding deep clay soil site inSuffolk  at 13.39 t/ha, whilst the shallow soil site in Lincolnshire has an average yield of 10.82 t/ha.

Feed varieties top the yields in 2014 with the soft feed variety Leeds topping the table at present with a yield of 106% of the control varieties. The control varieties this year are Solstice, JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta and KWS Santiago. Feed varieties with a yield of 105% include the hard feed varieties KWS Santiago and Evolution plus the soft feed varieties Twister and Panacea The biscuit quality nabim Group 3 variety Icon also currently has a yield of 105% in 2014. Evolution, Twister, Panacea and Icon are all new varieties on the current HGCA Recommended List. Be aware that for some of these varieties the amount of information is limited at this stage, so the five-year average values provide a better measure of variety performance.

Winter Barley

Winter barley yields in 2014 HGCA Recommended List trials are currently averaging 9.72 t/ha. This is 0.8 t/ha higher than the five year average.  The six-row hybrid varietyVolume and the six-row conventional variety KWS Meridian are at the top of the yield table in the 2014 yields at 106% of the control varieties. The two-row feed variety KWS Glacier is the highest yielding two-row feed variety at102%.  When selecting varieties, the five-year average values are more appropriate as they reflect varietal performance over several seasons.

Candidate varieties are performing well in 2014, the potential six-row conventional feed variety Daxors yield stands at 105%, this variety also performs well in the five-year average of 106%. Two-row feed candidate varieties which perform similar to KWS Glacier in the five-year average include KWS Tower (104%), KWS Infinity (104%) and Perseus (103%).

Spring Barley

HGCA Recommended List spring barley yields are averaging8.02 t/ha in 2014. This is 0.9 t/ha higher than the five year average of 7.10t/ha. The control varieties used this year to calculate the control yield of100% are NFC Tipple, Quench, Concerto, Propino and Odyssey. The feed variety Shada and the potential brewing barley variety under test Shaloo have a yield of 108%. Sanette, which is provisionally approved for brewing and KWS Irina,under test for brewing , both have a yield of 107%. The fully approved variety for brewing and distilling Odyssey has a yield of 102% which compares favourably with Concerto, which has full approval for both brewing and distilling at 99%.

There are some impressive varieties in amongst the candidates. Dragoon (potential feed) and RGT Plant (potential malting variety)both have a yield of 110%. The five-year average values are, however, a better measure of variety performance over a range of seasons.

Winter Oilseed Rape – North

Oilseed rape yields in the north are performing particularly well this year with the gross output average of 5.41t/ha being0.39 t/ha above the four-year average. Anastasia  and Boheme have performed well in 2014 with a gross output of 114% compared to the control varieties. Incentive is also performing well with a gross output of 110%. The four-year average values give a better presentation of variety performance over several seasons, and all three of these varieties  are amongst the higher yielding varieties. Artoga has performed well in 2014 too, with a gross output of 111%.

Candidate varieties which are performing well in 2014 andover four years include SY Harnas at 114% which is the top yielding variety in2014, PT234 (109%) and DK Exentiel (109%).

Winter Oilseed Rape – East/West

Oilseed rape trials in the east/west region and the north are averaging the same gross output of 5.41 t/ha.  In the east/west region, this is very close to the four-year average figure of 5.34 t/ha. Incentive has performed well in2014 with a gross output of 109%. Charger has also performed well in 2014 with a gross output of 107%.  These two varieties currently lead the gross output on the four-year average. The candidate varietyV316OL, which is a high oleic, low linolenic (HOLL) variety, leads the yield table in 2014 trials with a gross output of 116% of the control varieties and has performed well in the four-year average results at 109%. Other high yielding candidates in the four-year average include Popular (108%), SY Harnas,(107%), Campus (107%) and Picto (107%).

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