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More CAP details unveiled

Moredetails have been unveiled today about how the new CAP will be implemented in England,with the publication of the latest CAP Reform leaflet,reports Defra.

Workingwith the Rural Payments Agency (RPA),Natural England, Forestry Commission and the Rural Development Team, Defra haspublished more information on how the new schemes will work, as part of a driveto ensure people know what they need to do to claim and when.

Thelatest leaflet, which will also be posted to farmers in November, includesvital information for new and young farmers. It explains how they could beeligible for new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)entitlements from the national reserve, and young farmers can also find outwhether they are eligible to claim a top-up payment worth up to 25 per cent ofthe average value of their entitlements.

FarmingMinister George Eustice said:

This latest leaflet contains key information for new and youngfarmers about new support they will be able to access at the point their careerneeds it the most.

If we are to see thisindustry continue to thrive, its vital that we encourage the brightest andbest new talent into farming.

RPA External Relations DirectorArik Dondi:

We have promised to make information available at each step ofthe countdown to the new CAP to help people understand howit will affect them and this leaflet includes vital information which farmersneed to know now.

It is part of our commitmentto keep customers informed as and when more detail is known.

Up tothree per cent of the total Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)budget, part of Englands budget under the Common Agricultural Policy, has beenearmarked to create entitlements for new farmers and young farmers, if theycurrently have more land than entitlements.

Thenew entitlements for young farmers will be generated from the National Reserve.The RPA will allocate theseentitlements according to the amount of eligible land farmers declare on their2015 Basic Payment Scheme application and how many entitlements they alreadyhave.

Afurther two per cent of the BPS budget will be used to giveextra money to young farmers if they have taken control of their farm in thelast five years.

Mostexisting Single Payment Scheme (SPS)customers will qualify for BPS,but some operating certain non-agricultural businesses will not be eligible.The leaflet provides further detail around the active farmer requirements ofthe scheme and definitions of those who may not be eligible.

Theleaflet also includes more information about hedges and how they can be countedas Ecological Focus Areas. Rules around the width, length, height and locationof hedges are all covered.

Ateach step of the countdown to the new CAP,information will be made available to help people understand how it will affectthem, and what they need to do and by when to move as smoothly as possible tothe new schemes and IT service.

Anyone interested inreading more about CAP Reform and the discussions thatare taking place should go to the CAP Reform homepage,adds Defra.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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