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All-new tractor series announced

Claas is introducing a completely new tractor model series for the power segment up to 140hp. The new Atos, which is available in both 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder variants, includes a total of six models that range in power from 76 to 109hp, and fits in between the Arion 400, Axos, Elios and Nexos model series.

With the new Atos, Claas has revised and expanded its product range in the power sector below 140hp. With a total of 10 different models and 51 variants ranging from 72 to 530hp, the company is now able to offer its sales partners and customers the largest range of tractors it has ever offered in its history.

The Atos is characteristic on account of its simple and robust technology for day-to-day operations and, thanks to numerous equipment and expansion options, this makes it a versatile tractor for any type of use and customer. The tractor was introduced to the public for the first time at the 2014 Eima agricultural machinery trade fair held in Italy which took place this week (12th November).



Max. power*


Max. torque (Nm)Model


Max. power*


Max. torque (Nm)
ATOS 22056/76341ATOS 33065/88354
ATOS 23065/88354ATOS 34075/102408
ATOS 24071/97371ATOS 35080/109436

A “True Claas”

The new Atos follows the modern, yet functional, Claas design and thus fits seamlessly into the large Claas tractor family. With its compact dimensions, the Atos is extremely manoeuvrable and ideal for all kinds of farm work.

Large range of power options with four and three-cylinder engines

The Atos is powered by a Stage IIIb/Tier 4i-compliant engine. The 300 series uses a 4-cylinder engine that has a 3.8 litre displacement, whilst the 200 Series has a 3-cylinder engine, with a 2.9 litre displacement. The engines feature a common-rail injection system, turbocharger, charge air cooler and optional viscous fan. Exhaust aftertreatment is carried out by a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The catalytic converter is integrated under the bonnet in a compact manner. High torque values of up to 436 Nm mean that the ATOS is extremely responsive to drive. The fuel tank holds up to 145 litres and the standard equipment also includes an engine speed memory function, which simplifies handling for the driver, especially when working with the power take-off.

Wide range of transmission options

With three different variants, Claas offers a transmission to suit every customer. The range includes a standard manual transmission for basic applications, the Twinshift transmission with two powershift speeds or the Trishift transmission with three powershift speeds. All transmission variants are available with either a mechanical clutchless reverser or the electronic Revershift clutchless reverser.

Three power take-off options are also available for the Atos with the following speeds:

540 rpm
540 and 540 ECO
540/540 ECO, 1000 and 1000 ECO.
An automatic power take-off system and a separate groundspeed power take-off for powering trailers are also available optionally.

New: Smart Stop

A special feature of the Atos is the new Smart Stop function for transmissions specified with an electronic clutchless reverser. This function is activated at the touch of a button on the dashboard and ensures that the Atos stops when the brake is engaged without having to depress the clutch pedal. Stopping and moving off is carried out solely using the brake pedal. This relieves the stress on the driver significantly, particularly when working in the yard (front loader operations) or in the field (e.g. when making round bales). The Smart Stop function shuts off automatically at higher speeds.

The Atos is optionally equipped ex-factory with a fully integrated front linkage that has a lift capacity of 1.9t. The front linkage console can be operated either with the mechanical Propilot control system or the hydraulic Flexpilot control system. The rear linkage can also be controlled mechanically or electronically. The Atos 300 has a maximum lift capacity of 4.8t at the rear, while the Atos 200 can lift up to 3.6t.

The standard hydraulic pump has an output of 55 l/min. The Eco option provides an increased hydraulic output of 60 l/min at a reduced engine speed of 1600 rpm – thus lowering fuel consumption. A total of four control units are available, whereby the fourth can be controlled electronically.

The Atos is available with two front axle variants: with the standard front axle without all-wheel drive or with a braked front axle and all-wheel drive. The maximum tyre size for the Atos 300 is 38″, and for the Atos 200 the maximum size is 34″.

The new Atos is equipped with a comfortable four-pillar cab, which provides excellent all-round visibility of the working area. Furthermore, all of the functions are clearly arranged within the cab. The doors open wide, making it easy to enter and exit the cab. Thanks to the glass roof hatch, the driver always has a good view over the front loader ensuring he can work safely and accurately at all times.

The first tractors of the Atos model series will be introduced to the market in January 2015.

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