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BASIS has unique role to play for the industry

According to its ManagingDirector Rob Simpson, only BASIS can deliver some essential services for theagricultural industry. Speaking at the British Academy in London, he told arecent meeting about the organisations unique pedigree developed by theindustry for the industry and said that in many ways it is the onlyinstitution able to accredit standards for agrochemical advice and storage.

He said: BASIS has anincreasingly important role in raising standards in the use of crop protection,plant nutrition and much more. Its roots go back to 1978 when Britains cropprotection industry realised the need to raise the standards of the way it didbusiness. It was one of the first examples of a range of voluntary initiativesthat enabled standards to be set without the need for complex and bureaucraticregulation.

Today some 4,990advisers are registered on the BASIS Crop Protection Register, working formanufacturing companies or distributors; as agronomists; and, increasingly, asfarmers and farm managers.

He explained how BASIS isconstantly innovating and talked about the introduction of FACTS for cropnutrition, PROMPT for pest control, and RAMPS for those using aluminiumphosphide.

Rob outlined the increasinglyhigh level of academic qualifications being achieved by BASIS candidates.

He said: The wholeindustry can be proud of what BASIS has achieved. Our academic criteria are setat a high level and subject to continuing scrutiny by the accrediting organisationHarper Adams University. Advisers who hold the hard-won BASIS qualificationprovide a considerable due diligence against those who campaign for more andmore products to be removed from the agrochemical armoury.

The engagement of theChemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) and the Environment Agency within ourgovernance structure shows the level of support that we have. It ensures thatwe continue to meet policy aims, such as those set out in the recentlyintroduced Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 and theWater Framework Directive.

Only BASIS has thein-depth knowledge and experience of providing training, assurance andaccreditation across so many related sectors, and we believe that only BASIScan deliver the breadth and depth of schemes and qualifications that it does.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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