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More ways to purchase SUs

A range of Rotams cerealherbicides will be available for direct purchase this coming spring, followingsuccessful roll-out earlier this year, enabling farmers to buy straight fromthe manufacturer.

The new purchasingchannel for four sulfonylurea herbicides from the global crop protection firm,represents a milestone in the sale of UK agrochemicals.

Rotams UK Commercial andMarketing Manager, Chris Pye, emphasises that traditional distribution routeswill still be available for their range of sulfonylurea cereal herbicides;Ergon (metsulfuron-methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl), Boudha (metsulfuron-methyl+ tribenuron-methyl), Hiatus (tribenuron-methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl) andSavvy Premium (metsulfuron-methyl).

The development is allthe more significant given that the products represent a genuine alternative ina sector that has previously been dominated by just one supplier.

Acknowledging Rotamsrelatively fledgling status in the UK market, Chris says that, although thecompany is the youngest of the agrochemical manufacturing businesses, it wasacclaimed as the fastest growing post patent crop protection firm, with anaverage annual growth of 27% over the past five years. 

Differentiating thebusiness from what Chris describes as copy-cat generics, he explains thatRotam invests around 10% of its profit into research and development afterpatent expiry a level on a par with the major discovery businesses.

We pride ourselves indelivering product efficacy, an independent market stance and extensiveafter-sales support, he says.

His view is supported byfarm business consultant, John Emmerson, who says he believes this is the wayforward for the industry. Going direct is wonderful for us, and I think thatthe industry will see big change over the next two to three years.

We trust Rotam, and knowthey do their research, so we can be confident that from packaging rightthrough to the after service support that we get an excellent product fromthem. The turnaround on an order has been excellent, with next day delivery:theyve never let us down.

The direct to marketpurchasing route is facilitated by Rotams logistic partner Killgerm Chemicalswho facilitate orders and deliveries. Our logistics partners, KillgermChemicals, are Europes largest supplier of public health pesticides, and aretransporting pesticides throughout the UK and across Europe on a daily basis,notes Chris.

Both product quality andthe whole order process system was tried and tested across all arablegeographies of the UK in spring 2014 with very positive feedback. 

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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