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New app launched to aid lodging management

A new web-based app that gives growers additionalvariety information over and above standing power ratings when makinglodging management decisions, as well as providing examples of variety-tailoredgrowth regulator programmes, has been launched by Syngenta.

The new PGR Variety Profiling app followsindependent work commissioned by Syngenta to assess the root and stem strengthof different wheat varieties when exposed to lodging pressure. The HGCARecommended List gives an overall lodging rating by variety, says Syngentawheat campaign manager, Melanie Wardle, and variety profiling can be used withthis for further information.

Users simply select a variety from the drop-downmenu, and the app automatically provides information on anchorage strength,basal stem strength, and centre of gravity, and displays an example plantgrowth regulator programme tailored to that particular varietys profile.

Clearly, lodging risks should be assessed in thefield, explains Mrs Wardle, taking into account factors such as seasonalissues and soil fertility. However, the app brings a variety dimension.

By knowing how a variety is more likely to lodgewhen exposed to lodging pressure for example at the roots or stem base ithelps to tailor PGR use to those specific targets. The proviso, of course, isthat a PGR with activity for root growth enhancement and stem strengthening isused. Within the app, the PGR programmes listed include Moddus.

As well as highlighting PGR timings for eachvariety, Mrs Wardle says the app also includes information on treatment doses.

The new app can be accessed on the Syngenta UKwebsite selecting Variety Profiling under the Agronomy Tools tab at the top ofthe home page.

Alternatively, the following direct link can beused:

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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