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Breeder boosts support for eastern counties farmers

Leading UK cerealand oilseed rape breeder, KWS is expanding activities across the east ofEngland to ensure growers get the best from new varieties.

This includes anew regional trial site at Pulham St Mary, Norfolk, and a dedicated varietyspecialist for the region who will be working across the supply chain todevelop market opportunities.

According to KWSsales manager, Bill Lankford the plant breeder now has six trial sites in EastAnglia and will host open days at all of them this summer.

Our aim is toconfirm key market opportunities for our new varieties and agronomic attributesthat set them apart and provide real value for the Eastern Counties farmer.

We will also beworking with the trade and local agronomists to ensure they have theinformation they need to ensure growers quickly grasp the full potential of anynew introductions, he says.

As an example,Mr Lankford highlighted the potential of two new wheats, recommended this year which KWS is marketing under dynamic banner, both of which combine highyields with excellent physical grain quality.

The first, KWSTrinity has just been fully approved by the milling industry body, NABIM as apremium Group 1 breadmaker and with a yield that is higher than any other wheatin this category in East region trials, growers will need to pay closeattention to its nutrition to ensure it meets protein specifications.

KWS Lili on theother hand sits in the Group 2 milling sector but has exceptionally high yieldsin the East that are just 1% behind the best feed varieties, offering growersthe chance of adding value to what they produce.

Both couldbecome key varieties for the region and our increased support and focus acrossEast Anglia will help ensure the industry has the information needed to ensurethey produce the goods on farm, he said.

JamesCollingwood who will act as variety specialist for the region said that newwheats such as KWS Trinity and KWS Lili with a good combination of quality andyield could well be the norm on farm in the future.

56% of allwheats currently grown in the Eastern Counties are feed types and have limitedmarket appeal.  I would expect thisfigure will be lower in the next 1-2 years with a move to those that have widermarket appeal but also fill the barn, he suggested.

With greatexport potential out of our ports and 40% of the UKs NABIM affiliated mills inthe region, then it makes sense to improve the quality of the grain we areproducing to capture more from the market.

Mr Collingwoodsays that alongside six open days in the region, KWS will host a number ofmeetings and variety clinics in the region to ensure the results of trials areproperly communicated.

Productdevelopment manager, John Miles confirms that the new trial in Norfolk will bebacked by BASF and Yara. 

Our focus is onagrochemical rate and timing on new varieties with stronger disease resistanceratings and also nitrogen dose responses on wheats.

We aresuperimposing a range of treatments across large scale 1ha blocks which willgive us a real indication of performance on soils and rotations typical for theregion, he says. 

Open days are atGraby, Lincs (June 15), Colesden, Beds (June 19), Fowlmere, Cambs (June 22),Pulham St Mary, Norfolk (July 3), Newark (June 29) and at Whittlesey, Cambs(July 6).  Contact James Collingwood on01763 207300 for more details.



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