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Early spring management of Evolution pays dividends

Many will begrowing the high yielding Group 4 feed wheat Evolution for the first time thisyear as a result of its excellent yields combined with robust disease resistanceand agronomics as demonstrated in 2014.

BreederLimagrain UK is keen to remind growers that Evolution gets away more quickly inthe spring than varieties such as KWS Kielder and KWS Santiago, so it isimportant to be vigilant with crop walking and responsive to PGR requirements.

Evolutionresponds well to differing PGR applications with good height reduction andreduced lodging risk, with no yield loss penalties, says Ron Granger, arabletechnical manager with Limagrain.

The aim is toshorten the first internode, then keep the second node close to the first,increasing straw stiffness, and as long as you get the PGR on correctly you canthen apply nitrogen rates applicable for high yield potential for your own farmsituation.

We wouldrecommend in most situations that a split PGR treatment should be used, withtwo-thirds rate of a CCC based product applied at the glume primordia stage orfirst node moving of the base, followed by a one-third rate application atfirst node detectable, usually at GS 31.

In situations ofhigh yield potential CCC based products can be mixed with additional PGRproducts with different chemical activity to strengthen stems and synchronisetiller development, for example Canopy + CCC in a tank mix is a strong option.

Limagrain hasdone collaborate work with BASF looking at seed rates, PGR and fungicideinteractions with Evolution.  The datashows very positive results from Canopy (prohexadione-calcium and mepiquatchloride) which at an early timing acts to strengthen and balance out tillers,there is also a positive effect on root spread and depth, thereby improvingnutrient uptake and plant anchorage as the crops gets going in the spring saysLouis Wells, agronomy manager with BASF.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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