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Major investment in Lincs cultivation business

Investment in Sumo provides strength and growth

After 23 years as head of the company, Shaun Wealleans will be joined by two local businessmen on the board of directors. Simon Herring and James Sweeting, Co-Founders of Lincolnshire-based businesses Pipers Crisps and Lincoln &York, have made a majority investment in Sumo UK and will be working with Shaun to strengthen and grow the company.

The ethos at Sumo remains as strong as ever, and Shaun will continue to be very involved, becoming Technical Director,heading the design team.

We are 100% committed to upholding the reputation that we have gained for our machines and service backup saidShaun. We can assure both current and potential customers that this will only be strengthened by the new partnership.

Simon, a farmers son from Walesby in Lincolnshire, will be the new Managing Director of Sumo UK. Simon is Co-Founder and Director of Lincolnshire-based companies Lincoln & York Ltd and Pipers Crisps, and has spent the last 10years managing the day-to-day running of Pipers.

James Sweeting, also from a farming family, brought up in Howden in East Yorkshire, will be joining Sumo on the board as a Non-Executive Director. James is also Co-Founder and Director of Pipers Crisps and Managing Director of private label coffee company, Lincoln & York.

Speaking about the new partnership, Simon said “James and I are delighted to have the opportunity to invest in SumoUK today. Shaun has done a sterling job over the last 23 years forging a strong business and designing a collection of cultivation equipment for farmers across the globe. I look forward to spending the coming months getting to know all staff, customers and suppliers and working together to build on Sumos success.

Shaun is confident about the future of Sumo; Simon and James have a fantastic portfolio when it comes to business experience, having successfully started and developed two very high profile companies. The new team will combine good business practice with Sumo’s innovative products, resulting in a very strong company, fit to take on the future of worldwide farming.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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